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January 24th 2006
Published: January 26th 2006
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After a quick breakfast of porridge and homemade strawberry jam, we all pilled into the vans to return to Latvia. We got to the location of our next concert without any mishaps. It was just a travel day so once we go there we had the day off until a youth meeting at night. Talitha and I went to a café where we each had a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of cake for approximately $4. Then we looked around the cute snow covered town. At the youth meeting (their youth leader is a formed JR Soldier) a few of us took turns speaking to encourage the youth. I spoke about the car incident, Elisa spoke about waiting on God to renew your strength, and Kaspars B gave his testimony (how God delivered him from a life of drugs and restored his relationship with his family). When I told about that cold night as Kaspars pulled the vehicle I was steering I told them the lesson I learned.

That night I had a choice to remain calm and just trust my leader and God or I could’ve gotten scared and freaked out. If I had done the latter, I probably would’ve over steered and possibly have caused both vehicles to have an accident. Instead, I chose to trust my leader and just do as he instructed. If I had allowed myself to get distracted and not keep my eyes fixed on the red lights of his vehicle that too could’ve resulted in a accident.

Both trusting and keeping our eyes on the goal are what we need to do with our walk with God. By staying close to Kaspars it was much easier to following his lead. If the rope had been too long, it would’ve been much harder. This is how it is with God. The closer we stay to Him, the easier it is to follow Him and stay in His will. As I was following Kaspars I started to get more a feel for the way he was driving (this is true of the longer we spend time with God). Kaspars would blink his lights warning me when a vehicle was passing us or when he was going to break or turn. God too, I believe, gives us signals or warnings in life. The trust I had in my leader, that confidence in his ability and his trust in me also helped me. Kaspars is a good leader but he is just a man. God who made the whole universe, who created and loves me is defiantly worth trusting.
After I changed vehicles and rode in the car Kaspars was driving I got a completely different perspective. From his vantage point the road was not scary at all. It was lit, clear, much wider and peaceful. It was so different from mine, which looked icy, dark, and honestly scary. This is a great illustration of God’s perspective versus ours. His view is clear and ours can get so cluttered. I think this is why God tells us to walk by faith and not by sight. Because our sight can so easily get confusing and dark like that night. But by walking by faith in Him, in His plans, and trusting in His ‘sight’ our path will always be right and avoid the pitfalls of our limited human sight.


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