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June 19th 2012
Published: June 19th 2012
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Photo Suren Manvelyan
No other living creature in the world has so special, beautiful, even stunning eyes – bright sky-blue, sometimes as the South sea or aquamarine color, sometimes darker – as a concentrate, as an old-time (!) school years ink. It is no coincidence, not a whim of nature. It is related to a specific gene that has been worked out in the biography of this species in its history through thousands of years. Mainly – from the permanent life on snow plains, hills and fields, where the snow is still there in the polar summer. And while it is already light by the sun, the snow still brightens the light. Blue, a cool color is in some kind the sunglasses for these dogs. As already mentioned, these blue sunglasses are created by a specific gene that is not linked to coat color and can appear to dogs of any color of coat. Even more: the majority of babies are born with these heavenly eyes, but about three months later the color can change and mostly also really changes. Again – to any sort of shades including radiance and brightness of amber. In addition, each eye often has a different color. So it is the first lesson we should remember well – the breed has developed for thousands of years in certain circumstances, in its natural environment and has acquired this rare prize naturally. And best of all these dogs feel in their natural circumstances. Photo Ansgar Walk
This picture perhaps at first look seems embellished, unnatural, but actually comply with the conditions in which many huskies lived in this vast distance of time. Here at the picture may appear as if they would be arranged in some ornamental scenery, and recognizing the importance of the moment of being taken to the photography. However, it is particularly misleading – dogs do not pose, do not play theater. They don’t not know what it is. They are simply as they are – directly, naturally, freely.
And now the main thing – huskies are working dogs. Mostly – directly for pulling sleds / sledges. They need with a load (including people!) to run up the 30 to 40 kilometers daily. Only that way the energy consumption and a relatively modest dose of compound will be in balance. Therefore, be careful, very careful, keeping the huskies at home. Not to mention the apartment. They’re not suitable for living rooms, even though the Chukchi in their yourtas cold at night take the animals next to themselves for warmth. In such a way could be also measured the temperature of the nomad’s tents: a two-dog night, a four-dog night … In addition, since the ancient times the huskies were wonderful babysitters for young children. With a husky singing (yes, yes) lullabies children fell asleep quietly and peacefully. However, these challenges (babysitting etc.) are temporary and, so to speak, the additional job. But the main – work, work, work. Dogs need it and take with pleasure. Without a real job (home and land safeguarding neither really give a right load, nor a satisfaction effect) dogs very quickly – single individuals in four or five generations – can begin to degenerate. Let’s not allow it! Photo Balt


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