Rügen II

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May 12th 2012
Published: May 12th 2012
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Rügen II

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Yes, again Rügen, again a dream land. This time – with more wide chronological swing. And just as an annex, appendix, reminder. At first, a paysage as seen and painted by Caspar David Friedrich (Kreidefelsen auf Rügen / Chalk cliffs on Rügen, ~ 1818). All fine traced, especially in the romantic wishful branch of leaves with the almost Art Nouveau motifs and winding. Also the characters – well, not really travellers, not exactly epicurians, picnic participants. The curious elderly Mr. as if wanting to look down, as if not to… Beautiful, even a bit too much. To evaluate painting as evidence of its age and the typical expression – that can I understand and support, to love and to take close to the heart – that’s not very likely …
But now just a series of contemporary visions as a small kaleidoscope of landscapes, where the magical island of luxury shows its different moods. First of all, rarely seen winter view. Winter like any winter, but as we are so accustomed to island’s overwhelming greens, it seems almost incomprehensible – how is it possible that there dominates whiteness?! The proud rock with its proud name Königsstuhl / King’s chair, a frequently photographed object. Odd moment with ominous dark clouds – one just feels a sense of approaching storm. In a similar spirit, but with an old green shading of large stones. About such ones were told stories and legends … The power and reach, but also something ghostly, some anxiety. Followed by peace, but this time again in a special way, while the composition of the image is in principle greatly influenced by the large tree. But in the end as a farewell greeting, as a special mysterious hint – high spray vortex. This times final chord.
Sad news: Rügen is losing. In absolutely direct and literal sense. Early 2011, for example, have gone lost 15, 000 cubic metres of island’s surface, coastal chalk cliff. Venice is just likewise losing … So hurry to enjoy them while you can manage it and it is still what to be enjoyed. Could nature and civilization cause again something so great, it is highly doubtful. Every year around the world is constructed and built something extravagant and previously not seen, but it is just so as described at the beginning with the painting: you can be surprised, impressed, but rarely it warms the heart. Nature still knows how to do it, but we, the people in our frenzy and gluttony often do wrong to it – our single nature …


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