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August 19th 2006
Published: August 19th 2006
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8/19/06 - The Beach and Flies
Yesterday it was gorgeous and hoping it would be the same today, I decided to try to make my way to the beach (the Gulf of Riga, which yes is much nicer than the Gulf of Mexico). Relying on the “Baltic Guide, About Latvia” (graciously given to me by Kaspars K), I headed to the train station. It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be but I prayed and God led me to where I needed to go. When I went to buy the ticket I thought the woman said it was 51 Lats (which is about $100) but then I realized she meant 51 cents (or basically 1 dollar to take a 40 minute train to the beach - you can’t beat that deal). I was sitting waiting for the train, still not 100% sure I was headed in the right direction, when I met a fellow American. He is a New Yorker, who has been living in London for the past 30 years and is a lawyer currently hosting NA meetings. He invited me to the NA retreat, that would last the whole weekend, but I had to decline since I had a date with the beach! On the train we read the 12th step and sub-steps of the NA program back and forth out loud, while underlining the ones that stuck out to us. Then we talked about why we underlined the particular line. I had never read NA or AA material but it sounds like it would be helpful in every area of life, any area that you are a slave to (money, lust, food, etc).
I then made it safely to an incredibly cute town called Jurmalas. The sand was very soft and clean but I only managed to lay out for about 20 minutes because flies attacked me. I looked around to see if they were bothering anyone else, and like me, people were wiggling their bodies as they were sunbathing trying to cease the attack. I guess they had a higher tolerance to the annoying bugs than I did because I just could wiggle no longer. I left for a café for some tea. While I was sitting at the outdoor café I was a guy walk by with a Texas shirt but I didn’t say anything because I’ll be seeing and speaking with many Texans soon enough.

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23rd August 2006

You're home!!
Wow, you're home! Crazy!! Talitha and I have been hanging out so much lately, it's been wonderful. I am so blessed to have her around before things get started. I am so excited!! What's happening at home? I heard you missed your flight in London? sad...but yeah you'll have to update on how you are doing. Greet Sean for me!! I love you!!

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