Photos from Kosovo, Europe

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Bye bye Kosovo!
Ready for a short two hours trip....
The main street is getting crowded in the evening...
Dinner time...
The country is ecognized by over 90 UN States,but that's not enough to make them a full member of UN!
With Danielo!
I have to admit, I don't drink coffee...local wine will do it!
Main pedestrian street...
The new National Library
Mother Theresa Cathedral
...and I mean it!
...a work in progress....
Morther Theresa Cathedral...
Mother Theresa Cathedral...they started the construction back in 2007...
Mother Theresa
Skanderberg, he is everywhere in the region...
A majority of the population here is Muslim.
Kosovo Parliement
Street sign in Pristina
Church in Pristina
Popular man in Kosovo
Ruined church in Prizren
View of Prizren
DSC_0653 (3)
Countries that recognise Kosovo
Prizren, Kosovo
No wonder there are power cuts in Prizren!
Church interior, Prizren
I was only carrying one of these
Kosovo mountains near Prizren
Lunch at Vila Park near Prizren
Watch the speed limit on your tank!
Ruth and Amy in the Sharri mountains
Sharri Mountains, Kosovo
Sharri Mountains, Kosovo
Political sign, Kosovo
Someone appreciated the EU!
Kosovo-Macedonia border crossing
I Love You, Shatszi!
"Blackbarry" Store
1 Euro Store
#InstaKosovo   #InstaKosova
Live Chickens for Sale
The Entrance to the Flea Market - Great Produce!
New Newborn
Kosovar Wine
Just Lawyer Things - Constitutional Court
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