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Europe » Kosovo » East January 30th 2010

Who would have ever believed they would let me fly a jet? Little Corporal Dobie. The new soldier in KFOR 12. Honestly, I had no training for this kind of thing and that Warrant Officer let me give it a try anyway. This Army gig is absolutely the funnest stuff I’ve ever done and every day seems to be an adventure. The greatest part is, most things I do in a day are such a surprise, and that’s what makes memories that will last a lifetime. The trip started as a simple three day jaunt over to Heidelberg Germany with a few of my officer friends. Davina and her boss from the logistics arena, the Task Force Administrative Officer (I wrote about her back at Camp Atterbury as the Beltway Princess), and the Task Force Deputy ... read more
Sunset over Kosovo
Kosovo under a blanket of snow
What all good logisticians read!

Europe » Kosovo » East January 24th 2010

Just another week… Nothing exciting and yet every day is always so different. Okay, maybe there was some excitement; it’s just in how you look at things. One of my bestest buddies returned back to the rolls of KFOR 12. She has been gone since September after experiencing a family loss and is now back with us for the duration of the deployment. My roomie and I decided to throw a “Welcome Back” gathering in our room inviting friends from within the Task Force. Actually it was originally slated for a “We received entirely too much hot chocolate for Christmas” party, but turned into a terrific assembly of different ranks and generations as we re-integrated the laughter and spirit of one of our own. We had frozen many of our holiday cookies and candies received from ... read more
Early morning mountain beauty
Many giggles between the two
Food hoggers!

Europe » Kosovo » East January 3rd 2010

It’s been a few weeks since I have last chatted with everybody, and they have been some busy days. Mostly for Davina but I also was able to partake in all the festive holiday events. I suppose for being deployed here in Kosovo things were pretty darn good. Davina is actually taking a nap so I thought I would just pop online and give everybody a real quick update. As the weather outside has been mild and it has been a week that most days we wore sunglasses and the lighter jackets, there is a realization by soldiers that “we will be going home this year!” So the countdowns are beginning. Some count by the days, some count by months and I see Davina’s countdown on her wall is by “Wednesdays”, which the number is ... read more
The Christmas lights are coming down soon
Davina looking a Seahawkish

Europe » Kosovo » East December 29th 2009

The end of the holiday season has come to an end but not without bunches of Santa sightings and holiday cheer. Families sent candy canes, holiday head gear, Rudolph noses and stockings galore. One of my co-workers received box after box from the great state of Alaska all filled with love and holiday cheer. Each stocking was filled with homemade cookies, candy, books and a special handmade ornament. My friend, the Transportation Officer, spent his evenings delivering those special stocking from so far away, bringing smile after smile to the faces of soldiers. There is always a unsuspecting surprise when grown adults receive stockings. “For me!” they say, and “this is the best!” can be heard as Santa walks away. If you turn around and look you can catch the quick smile that takes everybody back ... read more
Don't shake too hard!
It was worth the wait
Sharing the antlers with the admin folks

Europe » Kosovo » East December 27th 2009

It’s not every day that Mrs. Claus comes for a visit, let alone a visit to Kosovo! When she walked into the helicopter hanger you could feel every soldier turn and smile as the inner child in all of us got that twinge of excitement and nearly ran up to her just like children when they see Santa in the malls. They say in poetic folklore that Mrs. Claus was create back in the 1860’s and her main purpose was to help Santa with his list of how’s been naughty and whose been nice. As time passed she eventually talked Santa into letting her go on a Christmas run with him and she would steady the reindeer while Santa went about his work descending chimneys to deliver gifts. Eventually she begged Santa long enough that he ... read more
CHOPS (Chief of Operations)and Claus just hanging around
Brother and sister from Linton ND
Dayshift JOC NCOIC takes a minute to hang with his friends

Europe » Kosovo » East December 26th 2009

The motto of the Pony Express that was first started back in 1860 was simple… The Mail Must Go Through. It started as 1,966 miles between Missouri and California in a time period where stage coach delivery could take up to 25 days of travel for a mere 1,000 miles and ships took months to cross oceans. Fast forward to now and we have so many options of communication available to us worldwide. From email and twitters to Skype and telephones. But to be honest, nothing can compare to an old fashioned letter or package. What all soldiers fondly refer to as “Snail Mail!” Early Christmas morning I had the distinct honor to go and work with our KFOR 12 Postal Detachment. Eleven dedicated and motivated soldiers who hail from five different states were up ... read more
Fancy mail truck
Dobie rides on the moving mail belt
Part of the Postal Team

Europe » Kosovo » East December 25th 2009

As usual the Army has spared no expense at providing a wonderful holiday meal for the Soldiers and workers here at Camp Bondsteel. We got a special treat of prime rib to add to our turkey and ham meal. The non-alcoholic wine was flowing and the deserts weren't too bad either. My favorite was the shelf life egg nog, which basically will last forever (just like twinkies) at room temperature! The leadership took time out of their schedules and served up the food for the peope and all the local Kosovo employees were just tickled to be helping out. It really is quite fun to be around such a variety of people. There are contractors, interpreters from far and near and of course the hundreds of soldiers from over 10 countries. It doesn't get much more ... read more
Some of the Logistics guys eating the holiday meal
Two seperate Task Forces; it still works to be married on deployment!
Can't get enough to eat

Europe » Kosovo » East December 25th 2009

I sit here alone with my thoughts. Christmas day is nearly over here in Kosovo. The night is quiet and the stars are twinkling overhead and I wish I could close my eyes and magically appear back home where I belong. With my family. It’s funny how we get in habits as we grow older. Doing the same things with the same people during the same time of year. Personally, I like it that way. I like to smell the turkey as it cooks slowly throughout the morning. I like to peel the potatoes and stir the gravy (of course that would not be perfect without a few lumps added in!). I can hardly sleep the night before Christmas because somewhere deep inside I still believe there is a Santa Claus. Who else could bring such ... read more
It's all about the ears!
In the refridgerator...again!

Europe » Kosovo » East December 24th 2009

It was only a few hours but it was full of song and reflective of the holiday spirit around this place. The Chaplains have done a great job in providing many Christmas Eve services for various denominations and by the looks of it many soldiers opted to take advantage of the evening activities. There will even be buses that will be available to go out into the nearby town and attend a Catholic midnight mass. That will be quite the experience for some. I attended a candlelight service that was full of song and a great message. The message was that of peace and forgiveness. Blessed are the peacekeepers that began this journey ten years ago to assist with multiple cultures to have peace in this small area of the world. Throughout the years the mission ... read more
Married and celebrating the holiday together
Bismarck friends spending some candlelight time together
Getting all dressed up for the evening caroling

Europe » Kosovo » East December 23rd 2009

I can’t believe soldiers actually get paid to do this…To fly helicopters! Oh my gosh, was today a rush or what! I traveled all day long in a whirly bird and it was nearly the best day ever. Today was not your average overcast December day in Kosovo where normally the rivers are a coffee-colored watery mud looking body of water and the gray skies blend in with the bland farm fields and rolling hills of Kosovo. Today, it was so bright that sunglasses were required! I knew I was in for a special treat when Davina asked me to come along for a day of adventure up in the northern part of Kosovo. We got up early and went down to the aviation operations center and waited patiently for them to ready the helicopter for ... read more
Mt. Duke by Camp Bondsteel
My Planning Buddies!
Towns far below

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