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Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina June 9th 2011

Hicran Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu ‘nun Kosova devr-i Alem Hicri Alem Hicran Çiğdem Seyahatnamesi’nden ..seyahat notlarından alıntılardır . Her hakkı saklıdır .. / Eserin tüm telif hakları H.Çiğdem Yorgancıoğlu’na aittir . Eserin izinsiz kopyalanması çoğaltımı ,yayını ,dağıtımı halinde 5846 sayılı Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunun hükümleri geçerli olacaktır. Kosova günlüklerinden kısa kısa … Kosova Cumhuriyeti Ne güneşten gözlerim kısılıyor ne de yağmur yağacak da ıslanacağım diye düşünüyorum. Balkanlar üzerine kelimenin dağlık anlamı üzerine , dağ dağ gidiyorum. Zaman yayını ve okunu alıp hazırlanıyor yine atmaya beni dünyanın bir köşesine .Her hâlükârda bir sesleniştir yazmak. Eski Osmanlı sancağını “Dardania” antik ismi ile çağırıyorum bakalım kim gelecek. Boomerang değil ya eko y... read more

Europe » Kosovo October 8th 2010

After visiting the much talked about, yet slightly disappointing lake Orchid in Macedonia, all 4 of us hitchhiked to the massive Tikves winary in the South. for €5 we got a personal tour of the factory, 5 bottles of fine wine and a few shots of lethal 60% local rakkai. Hitchhiking back drunk in the evening was quite a funny experience. I’m not quite sure how I made it back to our hostel, but on our rides I kept on rambling on about how much I love the rakkai here, and somehow 2 different people gave me a 1.5litre bottle of homemade 60-80% brew. most people say threes nothing to do in the capital Skopje, but I found it one of the best cities I’ve been too - a modern part with cafes and random sculptures ... read more
Lake Orchid
random sign
prehaps the reason we were both so ill for so long!

Europe » Kosovo » West September 12th 2010

I am re-posting my first blog, so that I can include the pictures. Well, I arrived in Kosova a week ago, although it hardly seems possible that it was only a week! The city of Prishtina is interesting. It is easy to tell that it is still a developing city, and the country as a whole as well, but at the same time, it seems a city ready to welcome the international population. There are a variety of restaurants that serve anything from local traditional meals to Thai to Mexican food. Much of the city, including the roads, is under construction, or it seems that someone started building something then decided not to finish it. Driving is something that I know I will never attempt in this country. There seem to be very few rules that ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Kosovo August 28th 2010

Location: Peja, Pristina, Prizren Length of Stay: 2 Days Cost per Day: $74 Hmmm... not a great deal of inspiration here... Its highly unlikely that you will need more than a day or 2... Poor little Kosovo... the past has not been kind... its had an extremely tough time of things and in fact has only been an independent nation for just over 2 years... Serbia btw still refuses to recognize its independence... Its going to take time to get well though as there is an awful lot of healing for this little girl to go through... There is, as to be expected still a great deal of animosity towards the Serbs... Still... people are kind and extremely proud of their new found independence... They will ask you straight away... So... Do you like Kosovo?... Umm... ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » South » Prizren August 28th 2010

““Remember what Bilbo used to say: It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to...”” We completely lost track of time this week. The other day we fruitlessly tried to calculate which day of the week it was. At the end we looked at our calendar and saw we were off by one day. It is such a liberating feeling not knowing or caring when you are. I’m not sure we fully knew where we where as well every time we when to bed. We surly didn’t know where we will be the next day. After finishing our last week (a week being 10 days in our case…) in northern Croatia we wanted ... read more
Dormitor National Park, Montenegro
National Park Biogradska Gora, Montenegro
Prizren, Kosovo

Europe » Kosovo » East July 11th 2010

I can’t hardly believe that in an hour I will be loading my bags and heading for the Pristina International Airport. Yippee! Once again, me and my buddy are heading to Camp Atterbury to prepare both logistically and administratively for the return of the masses of KFOR 12. Doctors, Lawyers, Headquarters Staff Members and the hard working Soldier on the street will all be heading home sometime soon also. But for now it’s just three of us. All said and done, nearly 800 soldiers will return back to 34 states and territories, hopefully by August KFOR 12 will be all but a memory. Families will be happy to have their loved ones home, Soldiers will be happy to be back on US soil, and all of us will have memories of significance that will keep ... read more
Anything for a child!

Europe » Kosovo » East June 30th 2010

Today we drove through the rolling hills and passed the familiar mountains that linger on both sides of the border. Usually I can describe Kosovo as a giant image of poor peasants and scenes of prior combat that has left destruction in its wake. But today, the scenery was stunning as we passed through the small villages. It would have been nice to remain in my dreamy stooper, but I was driving and around one of those long and winding corners we suddenly popped into the bustling city of Gnjilane. Horns honking, cross walks full of pedestrians with places to go and parking spots at a premium. The cars (kind of) follow some resemblance of traffic laws, while the same rowdy rules apply for the traffic circles. I have yet to take off someone else’s bumper, ... read more
The 3 of us happy after our dining experience
Dobie helping the street vendor sell eggs
My half pint interpreter

Europe » Kosovo » East June 27th 2010

As we were following behind our tour guide outside the gates of Camp Bondsteel, I was deeply excited to finally be taking this journey. It is the one venture that I have wanted to do since we found out we were deploying to Kosovo over two years ago, and today is the day. As we were driving towards the Kosovo-Macedonia border, he was in the front vehicle with his interpreter and every time we passed something of interest he would describe it over the radio. “On your right is the parcel of land that the Albanians come to and prepare their sheep for market. Down that little road is where the building burned down that was owned by Kosovo criminals. This small village is all Serbians and that village is all Albanians.” On and on he ... read more
Steeples of the Church of the Black Madona
Small reunion with my soldiers from tour in Iraq.  (He was our tour guide!)
View from the church

Europe » Kosovo » East June 17th 2010

It’s not every day that I get to travel to the Republic of Macedonia, in fact this was the first time and guaranteed to be the last. Incredibly we are located very close to the border and for business purposes we can cross over, but really can’t be hanging around. As we started on our journey the skies were overcast, so when we drove along the streets of Kosovo it was easy to notice the dingy, dirty trash laden sides of the pot holed roads. The gray sky did nothing to enhance the beautiful country side, as the many shades of greens that are usually reflected in the grasses and trees just seemed to get lost by the ever present signs of destruction. We were traveling with an interpreter who was more than eager to explain ... read more
If I were a smuggler I suppose I should declare my goods!
The look of a modern city
Dobie and I on the Varda River

Europe » Kosovo » East June 14th 2010

It’s the day all good soldiers wait for…Packing for the trip home. Yup HOME! Now don’t get too excited because we still have time here in Kosovo but the redeployment process has begun. It’s seems quite simple but there are many steps to do until mission complete. For the past few days most of us have been digging through our drawers, emptying closets and rummaging through our personal belongings and separating them into very deliberate piles. This pile goes into the big green tote, that pile is for the giant ruck sack and then there is a pile for the ever familiar duffle bag. Army gear over here, civilian stuff neatly folded up and then the miscellaneous pieces of things that we have collected since landing in Kosovo. Now there are many ways to pack. Some ... read more
Good paperwork is the key to success
Gotta even pack our little travel friends!
Putting away everything after the inspection

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