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Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina February 3rd 2015

So, short post. I'm alive and at my destination. That's a serious victory.... read more

Europe » Kosovo » South » Prizren August 3rd 2014

And so next on to Europe's newest country, Kosovo, which we visited on an overnight trip from Macedonia. We split our time between the city of Prizren and the capital city Pristina. The trip from Skopje to Prizren through the Sharr mountains was spectacular. We stopped at the town of Prevalla for a coffee and later at an excellent restaurant called Vila Park, just outside Prizren, which served great meat dishes. Prizren turned out to be a real find, with lovely old cobbled streets, a beautiful mosque and churches, good restaurants and a nice hilltop view from the fortress. Amy's Mum and Dad were very excited to find baby high-chairs available and a decent cot in the hotel - very impressive! Our quick visit to Pristina was less interesting. It took longer to get there than ... read more
Prizren, Kosovo
Speed limit for tanks
Someone likes the EU!

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina July 20th 2014

I originally planned to come to Kosovo for a few days, seeing more than just the capital, and I think that would have been a much better decision. Frankly, Pristina is just boring. At least, as a day trip. There was not much to see. It is a new city and still under dispute. Serbia doesn't even consider Kosovo to be a separate country, so there is still tension. But for me, it was more just a bit dull, so I didn't even stay as long as I could have that day. Back at the hostel in Skopje, I met a Japanese guy who, due to some confusion, only had an hour in Pristina that same day, and said he thought it was enough. :)... read more
Statue of Liberty
Monastery I was denied entry to
Monastery I was denied entry to

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina April 17th 2014

Welcome to Kosovo, one of the world's most recent additions to its list of separate nations. Despite a shaky past and lower ranking European economic standing, on this trip, Kosovo was put to the test to see whether it contained a sufficient amount of reference points to validate its place on a traveller's global itinerary. Truth to tell, despite the heavy rainfall during the entire stay, the Kosovan capital city of Pristina at first glance revealed little of the punchy urban terrain which characterizes the main bulk of European capital cities. Nearby Gracanica monastery is a sound enough piece of history which warrants at very least a flash visit, thanks to its accessibility and aesthetics, which make it worth the asking price. In central Pristina however, it appears as if modernity is becoming the order of ... read more
Dracani monastery (Dracani; Kosovo)
Building behind Gracanica monastery (Gracanica; Kosovo)
The 'newborn' lettering in Pristina (Pristina; Kosovo)

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina August 23rd 2013

Hello my fellow travellers! I woke up this morning after a very poor night's sleep on that dreary train ride only to find myself having to switch to a bus due to works on the track. Because of that I arrived in Skopje almost two hours late and I was immediately swarmed by taxi drivers the second I stepped of the bus. Tonnes of them everywhere! I almost had to beat them off with a stick just to be able to enter the station building! Anyway, I got into the bus station which is in the same building as the train station. Due to the delay I only had a few minutes to get tickets and get onthe bus to Pristina but it was okay because the bus station in Skopje is very easy to navigate. ... read more
Kosovo Museum
National Library of Kosovo
Cathedral of the Blessed Mother Teresa

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina August 8th 2013

We drove through Serbia and on to Kosovo from Bulgaria, through massive, hulking mountains, surrounding the clearest of lakes. We ducked in and out of cave like tunnels, holding our breath as we went through each one, like I used to do as a child. It was disarming; the beauty actually took me a back a bit because I wasn’t expecting it. It was times like this that I truly understood why I avoid the tourist places and try and find my own, hidden bits of paradise. My male asked me if I was wondering how many other people had seen this. I was thinking about that too, and I could count on one hand how many people I knew that had ever travelled to this part of the world. I felt a surge of excitement, ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » South » Prizren September 20th 2012

Resumo: Dia de cão; Num quarto com músicos; Estou bem. Sai da pacata cidade Bitola (Sul da Macedônia) onde tinha um festival internacional de filmes (vi 2 ontem por menos de EUR1,00 os 2) para ver Kosovo novamente. Novamente??? Sim. Estive aqui em 2005 quando a região ainda lutava pela sua independência. Pois é, alguns dias antes de eu chegar aqui pela primeira vez, algumas bombas estouram na capital Pristina. Enfim .. isso é uma outra história (quem tiver interesse: Cá cheguei sem dificuldades de entrar no país. No entanto, uma chuva meio chata me pegou de surpresa. Assim, não consegui caminhar pelas ruas de Pristina (capital). Fiquei 1hora num boteco esperando a chuva passar e nada. Peguei meu bus para Prizren. O tempo estava pés... read more
People asking me to take pictures
New guest in the room
Kosovo's beer

Europe » Kosovo July 25th 2012

Serbia - 18 Hours I cycled in to Serbia at 7pm, camped in the woods and then crossed in to Kosovo at lunch time the day after. What I saw was some mediocre countryside and some miserable people but I was only there for 18 hours so this could just have been bad luck, but the mood of the people was very obvious once I had crossed the border. Kosovo - 2 Days The Kosavan People were really warm people, with people stopping their cars to get out and talk, to kids racing me or someone offering to take me 15 miles up a mountain on their tractor, the people were chatty, friendly and curious On the day I cycled in to Kosovo I saw many convoys of cars decorated in ribbons or waving flags, ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina May 2nd 2012

Well it's a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I'm safely back in my quiet little neck of western Suburbistan near Boston. As it's now a month overdue (I regret nothing), and my only other thing worth doing is a tax return, I think it's time I tidied up the story of our little trip through the Balkans. As a final sidenote, I think my backlog's at like...four entries left, including this one. How soon they're finished depends on a lot of things, mostly since I wrote the last ones under periods of great stress/sometimes drunk I'll probably wait until that happens again (read: after I'm employed). Right, so Kosovo. Welcome to Kosovo! Hope you weren't fond of those kidneys! So I guess it's fair to say landing in Pristina's airport (via steep dive and prop plane) it ... read more
This guy.
TM needed

Europe » Kosovo » Centre » Prishtina May 2nd 2012

Geo: 42.6724, 21.1645 GÜN 06 GÜNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA: Sabah acılar içinde uyandım. Yıkanırken sırtımda ve belimdeki şişlik ve kızarıklıkların farkına vardım.. Ürtiker gibi...bir şeyler dökmek gibi bir şey ... Ayşeciğe gösterdim derhal teşhisi koydu. "Sen zona olmuşsun" dedi. Haydaaa bu da nereden çıktı ? İnterneti karıştırdık aynen dediğim bulgular var.. Geceleri her tarafım yanıyor demiştim. Bu hastalığa "gece yanığı " hastalığı derlermiş. Mikrop kapmasın diye yıkan mamam gerekirmiş. Biraz Çörek yağı sürdüm.. Hani her derde devadır diye ... Bilahare ,Sokağa çıkıp börek aldım. Pek parlak değildi, ama ayran ile kendimizi besledik. Sorunsuz giderken aniden hududa geldik. Ne oluyor demeğe kalmadan Kosova'ya gelmişiz.. İs... read more
G06 Skopje-Prishtina

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