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July 30th 2015
Published: August 18th 2015
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Kosovo is the newest country of Europe, or at least the last one who has been recognized by many. Back in February 2008, Kosovo declared his independence over Serbia, and was diplomatically recognized by 108 UN member states. So as they still lack 85 UN member states to recognized them, they are not a full member of UN. They are only recognized by 23 out of the 28 members of the European Union. With time, we all guess that the Republic of Kosovo will fully be recognized as a Sovereign State.

Interestingly enough, you will find way more flags around Albania than over Kosovo. The country is populated by a huge majority of Albanians, a majority of them being Muslims. Albanians are rather, let say politely, nationalists. Albania is covered with Albanians flag. In Kosovo, way fewer flags, and yes, you actually see more Albanian flags, than those of Kosovo. I think the message is pretty clear!

Pristina doesn't have the reputation of offering a lot to the foreign tourists. There are mosques, the new National Library, the new and unfinished Mother Theresa Cathedral, and yes, the monument to Bill Clinton. I didn't make my way to see the statue of Bill Clinton, but I saw Skanderbeg as well as the one of Mother Theresa.

Pristina did feel rather small. I arrived by bus, 4 hours from Tirana, and I left by bus, only 93km and two hours to Skopje. From Tirana, it's a beautiful highway....guess rather new too.

I stay in a nice and decent hotel in town, and did like everybody, spent my time at terraces enjoying the main pedestrian street. Here the culture of coffee is sacred...and they spend hours sitting just for a coffee. I do not drink coffee, but I can tell you that they have some decent white wine...will do for me!

I spent also some time having a coffee...or rather a white wine glass with my friend Danielo from Shanghai. Told you it's a small world. Sadly, he had some family business to attend, so we could only spend part of the afternoon together. Didn't do a night out with him...that could have lend us few problems...I write this with big smile, but let say, it's better not to look for troubles in the late hours of the Kosovo nights! Big smile!

Danielo drove me out of town to enjoy another nice terrace in a forrest outside Pristina. And as he would tell me, he feels like a tourist here too....and yes, there is not a lot to do in Pristina, beside seating at terraces!

So here it is, I made my way to a country that is not yet full a country, just because they don't have the UN membership. But we all know that Taipei is actually doing pretty well without having that membership too! So who cares! And I have to say sorry if there is not much more to write about Pristina. On my way around the Balkans, I met few people, who had exactly the same thing to say. But don't forget, these guys are happy to see the tourists, and we got a pretty warm welcome in Kosovo. As Danielo explain to me, you are a foreigner, you are safe here, people love those who are read to visit them around here.

Next stop, crazy Skopje!

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