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November 2nd 2011
Published: November 2nd 2011
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So here is it the next Country: Italia!

I think i am going to put the Vocal Logs and try to summon up what i have done there, for the people who more like to read, read this and if you dont like to read then maybe you just listen to the Vocal logs and the action, but you can also do both, but maybe its better first to read and then to listen so maybe then you can better think of what kind of a situation it was like!

So to get started: I took a Carpool thing from Zuerich to....hmmm first was planned to get to Livorno to get to a Wine Agriculture thing to work there, but they declined me there because they already had enough people (Later they asked me again but i was already going on with my trip).

And then my plan was to travel with Thomas who wanted to go to Agrigento which lies in Sicily!

But then i spontaniously (As most of the Times) decided to visit Anna a friend of mine on Sardegna (Cagliari) and Thomas drove me all the way to Napoli, we spoke with a man of a restaurant from napoli when it was like 8 or 9 pm and he said that it would be too dangerous to camp somewhere around the port, so Thomas drove me to a camping place in Pompeij just next to the Ruins which i happened to see the next morning! But before i slept at this somehow acceptable Camping Place in Pompeii, it was warm but i t was raining a little and my tent was becoming wet again, but i was used to this kind of situation so it wasnst too hard.

The next day i woke up and had to go the the toilet to take a shit real bad, but i had no toilet paper with me and thy also didnt have any toilet paper, so i had to act fast and took some leaves from the tree and it worked somehow, after i took a shower with a smell in the background which smelled like someone was cooking. I threw away my mizuno shoes, because i just thought that i am carrying them around all the time and dont really needed them actually to this date *Just one time when i was playing table tennis with some guys of switzerland. I was always thinking about to shorten my beard because i was getting longer and longer each day, but i decided to dont do it, also because i had to leave the camping site by 12 o clock or somehting linke that *Dont Blame me for Wirting Errors, because i somehow do them on purpose, because i just want to write in a style that is just *uncut*, to get a real idea of what my trip is like! So after leaving the Camping Site i walked to the Pompeii Ruins which was like right next to the camping site, but i didnt really entered it because i would have to pay a fee like 12 Euros for a day, but that wasnt my plan and it was also a little bit too touristic for me, i dont like the idea of just ripping people of just to look at something, i also dont charge people looking strange at me! >( After that i took the train to Naples (Napoli) to took the fare there to Cagliari, worked pretty fine, there was a man who told me where to get to the port, i took a tram outside but into the wrong direction and i think the tram is that slow that i am also faster by walking, that was the first experience what italian traffic is like! I found it pretty fast and got myself a ticket to cagliari at the port and i was very lucky because the ferry was going that day and the next time would be in 3 days or so! So i waited for some hours to wait for the ferry to leave to cagliari, i tried another time to find some wifi spot to contact anna (my contact in cagliari), but it somehow didnt work out. So later i was one of the first persons to get on the ferry and the first thing i did was pretty much gettin on the deck of the ferry and chill, i met a guy from japan who is living in london who drives with his bike all the way to sardinia and back, he does nice photography and is a really nice guy, we had alot of interesting conversations and spared some pizza the staff gave us for free because it was like a left over of the food, nice! After i slept in a cabin with Makoto and another Italian Man who was always talking to us in italian although we dont speak italian! I pretty much sneaked in because i had only a ticket for not sleeping in a cabin, but the italian people are very kind a let me sneak in!

Next day, we arrived at cagliari and a nice couple lend me their laptop to send a message to anna via facebook!
Makoto and i made some photos together at the port of Cagliari (Maybe you can check them out later if he sends me these!), then i tried to find an internet spot and landed in Lamari Internet Cafe where i send another messages to friends and anna at facebook i even send over facebook a message to her work to inform her that im there!
I made my first friends in cagliari, and it was really interesting because there wasnt really a language we had in common to talk, so i just used up my power to use my body language but was picking up italian pretty quick!
After seven hours of being at Lamari internet cafe i actually met with anna pretty much around the corner at piazza yenne, i met her roommates and other Friends! We cooked something and had a long nice chat after a long time.

The morning after i checked out some things and heard over Edu and Walter from this language school, so i got there signed in and started pretty much the same day, it was really fun and italian is really fun too, all kinds of people were there, people of ukraine, usa (and in the other days: Ivory Coast, Kamerun, Kyrgystan, Kazachstan, China, and lots more)!

I got to the beach with Anna the next days and it was really nice we met a friend of hers and went to a really nice old city where was a kind of nice party of a family wit nice music and food! We were trzing to find a restaurant but nothing was open so we have gone to a supermarket buy some nice food and going back to the flat to prepare some food together!

Also i was at a festival where a sardinian rap kinda band played and it was really nice with all the people from the flat from cagliari, it was always fun because we always had somehow to manage to communicate and marco and berta were only able to talk italian!

There were some problems with anna, to be honest not really problems but she needed some time for herself and especially time to say goodbye to cagliari, because her year of erasmus was about to end soon, so i searched myself a couchsurfing spot for the second time and i ended up being hosted by william with whom i connected very well right from the start, we went apnoe diving twice at really really nice beaches and cliffs, we also had alot of interesting conversations about for example inside jobs theories and stuff and he was really the person who made me fly to barcelona, so i took a flight with ryanair and.....

Check it out later in *TIKI TIKI TABLE TENNIS IN CALELLA*!!!!


2nd November 2011

sehr schön:D hoffe dir gehts gut soweit, scheint ja so zu sein und dus cheints ja auch spaß zu haben! viel erfolg weiterhin, keep in touch
6th November 2011

Bella Italia
Das klingt ja fast zum neidisch werden. Bin gespannt, wo du demnächst auftauchst ...

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