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January 14th 2006
Published: March 12th 2006
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Michi scored us his Dad's car so we decided to go on a mission! first stop, get a map. we lay it out had a look at all the places we could go, and settled on Italy. Michi's mate Stefano lives up in the mountains there so we could go snowboarding with him... sounds good! so he threw me the keys and said "you can drive as fast as you want russ"... yeeeehaaaaaa!! we boosted from Munster, all the way down to Munich in no-time, where we stayed with Steven Hart and Fam, cheers heaps guys!!! they had about 8hrs warning before we showed up on their doorstep cold and hungry right on baby feeding time on a tuesday night so huge respect guys! I owe ya. then we got up early, Steve showed us around a bit of Munich and we were off again, next stop Salzberg, Austria. it was a bit out of our way, but its not often you're only a few hours drive from the place where "The sound of Music" was filmed!!!!! so we flipped a coin and russ got his way. after a quick Nun-hunt around there, we came down through the Alps into Northern
on the roadon the roadon the road

they do big roads well here
Italy and met up with Stefano! what a cool guy, his parents have got this pimped house up in a beautiful valley north of Bolzano, like 5mins drive from a ski-hill, he's real chilled out, parents cooked us awesome food(pasta of course) and he took us snowboarding and sledding which totally kicked ass! so after a couple of days there, we smuggled him into the car and took off down to Pisa for the night, and then carried on around the French Riviera through Monaco all the way down to Andorra where we met up with the gang for some more snowboarding. great road trip! I drove almost 2000k's, got to see some beautiful parts of Europe, and got to hang out with Michi and Stefano again. I'll see you boys in Maastrict soon! ciao

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the Alliance Arena - Munichthe Alliance Arena - Munich
the Alliance Arena - Munich

we saw this on the side of the highway when we got to Munich and had to go and take a look
Oliver Bierholf(sorry about the spelling mate)Oliver Bierholf(sorry about the spelling mate)
Oliver Bierholf(sorry about the spelling mate)

long story but we got in then got kicked out of that stadium, but before we did we found this guy who used to be one of the best football players in Germany and is now the manager of the German National team. Michi reckons he'll be on TV every day during the world cup in July - so keep an eye out for him. nice guy
Uncle russ fell asleep watching TV with new born Hailey.Uncle russ fell asleep watching TV with new born Hailey.
Uncle russ fell asleep watching TV with new born Hailey.

how do you like that Boys? I get to see your neice before you do hahaha I'm pretty sure she even said my name!
BMW headquaters in MunichBMW headquaters in Munich
BMW headquaters in Munich

this is where BMW is from by the way, it stands for Barvarian Motor Works, and Barvaria is the southern province in Germany where Munich is
me and Steve at some famous buildingme and Steve at some famous building
me and Steve at some famous building

Cheers for the tour and history lesson Steve - you're the man!
heading down towards the Austrian borderheading down towards the Austrian border
heading down towards the Austrian border

the south of Germany is beautiful! highly recommend driving around there
not badnot bad
not bad

thats me, helping old mate knock the snow off his guttering... but thats not just any guttering, thats the guttering of the Abbey from Sound of Music! score!

13th March 2006

These photos are just fantastic. A delight to read - Russ you are the best! Francie
13th March 2006

Italy is awesome.....But ...IM AWESOME!
13th March 2006

grettings from chile
wowwwwwwwww man...!!!!!!!!! incredible pictures, you are a crazy.. i hope that you are fine in two weeks more will born my son.. im so happy man a great hold on from chile jorge

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