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July 3rd 2007
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Fresh baked breakfast. Map pulled out maybe we would make Nice today, travelling around the coast which was magnificent, we took in Cannes, Nice and Monaco. We had in mind to stop at Monaco in the late afternoon to have lunch and to look around and take some shots of part of the F1 race track for Wynton (dad) who is a great fan. (Photos for you dad) I’m backtracking a little the water around Nice was the most amazing colour , I cant do justice explaining it , as I reckon what is needed is a Deluxe colour consultant to come up with one of their fancy names for colour- the water was the brightest blue, with Aqua and green shades Gorgeous. Back to Monaco we had a perfect lunch in a cuties restaurant that had curtains around sawing in the wind, I had a delicious Seafood Pasta, Matt just as delicious Pizza. We wanted to get to Pisa but half an hour latter we lost the plot (to much of a good lunch) found a campsite just over the border in Italy called “Latte” the campsite relatively simple compared to the French ones, but still on the med we wondered off for swim, stilled Pasted out no tea required just shut eye.

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7th July 2007

Cote d'Azur
Try Azure... :)
8th July 2007

Cote D'azure
LYdia is doing the spelling, i am just doing the publishing :-)

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