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July 15th 2008
Published: July 15th 2008
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1: Our Hotel View!!!!!!!!!! 25 secs
Last Day & Night in Venice

Robert and I woke up to the wonderful view from our room of the Grand Canal. Went off to view the Doges Palace - what a sight! I still can't get over how much these men revered themselves. A thunderstorm came through while we were in the palace. Went back to our room for couple of hours and then decided to go have a cocktail before getting ready for dinner and a gondala ride. Robert had washed all of his undies which he had hanging from the shower curtain rod - picked them up and hung them in the closet for when the maid came in - no white trash in this hotel!

Went for drinks - this bartender makes a mean cosmo! during our drinks, Venice was hit with a thunderstorm with hail, which is a very rare occasion. We celebrated it and all else Venetian. Another rain storm prevented anyone from going out on the terrace - they were afraid of anyone slipping - those damn Italian lawyers! Had a few more cosmos and Robert decided to go to the bathroom in our room. After a reasonable time of waiting for him, and he did not return, I paid the 360 euro bill and went upstairs. My knocking did not raise the sleeping beauty! I went down to the lobby to get a key (THERE IS ONLY ONE AND YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO THEM WHEN YOU LEAVE). They would not give me a key (1) because they did not have one and (2) i had spaghetti sauce on my shirt and i'm sure they thought I did not belong in this 5 star hotel. Well, I went back up to the room and banged on the door. Finally,, I heard a voice from within --- why are you yelling at me? (Robert thought I was in the bathroom). When he opened the door, he exclaimed "what are you doing out here" I immediately hit him and went to bed.

The next morning, we had a lovely breakfast on the terrace, the servers classily not remembering us from the night before. We walked through Venice again and bought some gifts. We took the vaporetta into the train station where we boarded for Salzburg. What a beautiful train ride through the Alps that was.

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15th July 2008

What great photos - and video. Spaghetti sauce? Too funny!

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