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September 28th 2006
Published: October 4th 2006
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It wasn't the sign that persuaded me that I was in Italy, it was a little road side stop. On our way from Innsbruck we stopped at a little service station that had a tiny store. The first thing I noticed were the products. No Homebrand chips or dodgy crap, it was like a specialty store. Little jars of food, sauces and spreads that makes the mouth water. I reluctantly bought a pre-made sandwich (I usually never do that unless I'm desperate) and it was heavenly. We all bought so many that they ran out so she had to make more. Like everything else in store, nothing but the best. She sliced up gourmet meat and cheese to put on soft white bread. I think back to all the bread I have eaten on this trip as I felt like a dog wrestling with an old leather shoe having to get it to break. This stuff was quality and it was then I knew I was in Italy. They are famed for enjoying the good things in life. The Italians have a keen sense of taste, style and luxury. Everything they eat, drink, use, wear or even drive is of the best quality.

A few hours later we arrive in the Venice area. We had a nice little villa out in the sticks but was still a close drive to the city. Certain other members of the group might tell you different but I absolutely loved Venice. The canals, the bridges over the water and the gondolas floating past was such an amazing sight. We lost each other when we first got there so Amanda, Aaron and I went to a little canal-side restaurant and it was awesome. We weren't exactly fussed over by the waitress but the food was delicious. A perfect introduction to the city. Our time was short but I did manage to get a chance to feed the copious amounts bird flocking around San Marco Square. It was an overwhelming experience having so many birds climbing all over me, fighting to get to the bird seed. Amanda and I also checked out the Basilica Di San Marco, the amazing building built to house St. Mark who was stolen from Egypt to be housed there. The quick walk through building was cool, an amazing amount of detail goes into such places.

Yes like most places on this trip, our time in Venice was short, we packed up after 2 nights and screamed down the road to France.

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And I don't even like VinoAnd I don't even like Vino
And I don't even like Vino

I always wanted to sip a glass of red on the canals of Venice. Wierd huh?
The BIRDS!!!The BIRDS!!!
The BIRDS!!!

It's like that Alfred Hitchcock movie

4th January 2007

Beautiful Photos!
It's nice to see blogs full of photos to allow us to see around the world, like a nice illustrated storybook. Thankyou!
5th March 2008

Bird in the hand
We have several amazing pictures of birds in Moscow last summer who crawled up my husband's legs and begged for food. Your cute picture reminded us of that day which was so much fun!
4th January 2011
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