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March 12th 2010
Published: March 20th 2010
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When I woke up my back still hurt but I was excited to see Venice so I didn’t care so much. I decided to take the one stop boat bus across the river and to walk everywhere else. This is because the prices of a full ride on the boat bus is 6.50 but if you just take the bus at the few spots where it goes from one side to the other it is only 2 to get across the once. So that is what I did.

I know this may sound strange but Italy is so very Italy. As I walk through the streets you can see old men sticking their heads out the window just to watch the world go by and people are singing as they walk or work in the shops. It is just everything that I would imagine it to be. Also, in addition to the boat bus there are also boat garbage trucks, boat delivery trucks, and boat taxis. I find this all very amusing. With Venice it is almost pointless to use a map since there are so many tiny winding streets and canals that you might as well just wander and hope you get to where you want.

Eventually, I found the St. Marco piazza. It was loaded with people and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it might be like in the middle of the high season for tourism. The piazza was too busy for me so I didn’t stay in that area to long. When I was there the bell was going off. On the top of the clock tower you could see the bronze Moorish statues clanging away on the bell. The line to the basilica was really long so I decided to walk around for a while and come back.

I began walking along the waterfront and then randomly went down alley ways. At one point I came across a little boy setting up a blanket on the street to sell his old toys. It was really cute as he set everything up and lined all the toys up perfectly. At one point a lady stopped and asked to buy one of the toys and the boy said 1 euro and she gave him 5 and told him to keep it. His face lit up and he repeated 5 a few times. After that I walked towards a park that had a really nice statue and water feature.

After relaxing in the park for a while I headed back towards S. Marco. On my way I passed the Arsenal, military zone, which had many statues of lions at all ages. I made it back to the basilica and with no line entered quickly. It was really nice on the inside with lots of gold and beautiful pictures on the ceiling. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed. After the basilica I headed back towards the Rialto to cross the bridge towards my boat bus.

The Rialto was even more full of people so I didn’t stick around long and went straight for my boat bus. Not so much straight as getting lost numerous occasions until I stumbled upon my boat bus dock!

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Little boy setting up his street side shop

11th April 2010

Boats and more
I just feel compelled to visit and I love the buildings and the intricate trims etc.

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