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May 16th 2008
Published: May 16th 2008
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what a wierd day ive just had. Leaving budapest was one of the most difficult tasks ive handled thus far in the trip. Not that a good portion of it wasnt my fault, but it really made me appriciate having someone around who spoke the language. thanks pete. anyway, i rode the subway over three quarters of the city trying to find either a train or a bus to get me the hell out of town. the swine were closing in. first i miss the stop for the bus station and walked the 1.5 kilometer back to the station. it wasnt bad because i stumble into the old soviet arsenal of tanks, helocopters, transports, and even some rockets. then at the bus staion i was told there were no buses leaving for either sebia or croatia this whole week. feeling the need to move on directly i jumped back on the subway and rode it to every train station in the city until i ended up at the one i arrived at...stupid. there i managed to secure a ticket for the next train bound for zagreb, croatia. after waiting 3 hours at the station the train boarded and i was off at 7:00 pm. unfortunatley i fell asleep just before we arrived in zagreb and missed the stop. i didnt wake up until slovania, were so neo-fascist border guard kicked me to wake me up and proceded to question the validity of my passport. then searched through my bags, throwing there contents about the train, and final gave up and moved on. rather than get off the train and turn around, i decided to ride it out to italy where i can understand what the hell people are saying, and dont throw my clean clothes on the floor. the minute i hit the italian border, i felt better. the ticket man sat down with me and had a chat. i got off the train in venice and just started to walk. sort of stumbled into a hostel to stay the night and then just wandered about the city abit more. at this monent im sitting in a cafe, with a capaciano, and a sandwich of some kind. typing. ill stop back later to try and upload some pictures but for now, im off.

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2nd June 2008

what up bobby!
what's up man. haven't seen you since budapest. just got a chance to read all your blogs. your trip sounds like it's going badass. i'll write you later

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