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September 10th 2007
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It's Amore!!

The campsite we stayed at on the mainland in Venice had another Top Deck crew visiting at the same time, so there was bound to be a wild toga party. I danced my ass off on a couple of energy drinks, and hit the sack at about 1.30am. However, a bug had been going around the bus, and this was the night that I started to get symptoms - sore throat, sinus pain, and generally lethargic and unhappy. So I didn't get as much out of our stay in Venice as I would have liked.The city of Venice is actually kind of like an island in the middle of an expanse of water. You have to cross a really long bridge to get from the mainland to Venice, which is why it is so unique to other parts of Italy and has all the canals and bridges and water water everywhere.

Gondolas and incorrect signs

I saw a bit of Venice, did an hour walking tour but didn't go on gondolas because of the cost. The canals are really beautiful, but its an easy city to get lost in because gypsies put up signs pointing the wrong way to trick tourists into
Sexy time!!Sexy time!!Sexy time!!

Yea, I know we're hot, even when dressed in a plain white sheet!
going to dodgy areas. Luckily I wasn't in the city long enough to get lost, but I did see a couple of men running from the police with sacks full of fake designer stuff. Its illegal to buy or sell fakes over here, even though everyone does it.We had a lovely lunch, Sicilian Soup with seafood, but I couldn't handle the hot and cold shakes I was experiencing, so I went back to the campsite for a sleep after a while. Lots of others did the same thing, whether it be because of sickness or hangovers.Had a pretty quiet afternoon, eating iceblocks to try and make my throat feel better, and recharging my appliances.The next morning was another early packing morning as we were off to...

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Massive churchesMassive churches
Massive churches

That don't even fit in the picture
Church detailChurch detail
Church detail

Pretty cool :)
Main squareMain square
Main square

So many pigeons, look out for bird flu!
Astrological clockAstrological clock
Astrological clock

All the rage back in the day

The central river where we caught the ferry back to the mainland

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21st October 2007

not the one being sick.....
not the one being sick..... i hope u came right fast u needed some of nannies special juice manuka honey and hot water thats what gets me through my sore throats hehehe i forgot to mention panadol that helps too..... it is so gutting that everything is too expensive the gondolas would have been fun to ride on..... gypsies how dear they try and miss lead people (not the places u want to end up) venice government could create jobs for people to go around and clear away the gypsies signs to make it save for the tourists.... what u recken i could sell my idea to them lol

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