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February 2nd 2007
Published: February 2nd 2007
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I thought I'd seen it all, until I came to Venice and found out that standard internet prices here are $12CAN per hour!!!! OK, no. That's not happening. I get 15minutes free at my hostel and that's it, so it will be a few days before you hear from me. Sorry! Plus my photos suck because it's really foggy here. Oh well.

Bye for a while!


2nd February 2007

Groundhog Day
Foggy on Groundhog Day is good -- means the end of winter. Try to check your email or call me collect.
4th February 2007

Hi Jessica. Venice was our favourite city when your Dad and I were in Italy. I hope it is just as lovely in the winter. Mind you, in certain spots it is necessary to hold breath as the sewage pipes occasionally spring leaks and the smell is pretty ripe! As an undergraduate, I took a course titled "The Roman Republic" as an Arts option. It really made seeing the sites of Rome all that more interesting, although most of the big historical monuments are from the Empire period. We ate lots of pizza in Italy because it was the only thing that we could afford.

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