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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua October 11th 2019

Welcome to Blog number 4 for all my friends and family that have not been following my more frequent Facebook posts. My apologies for not blogging earlier but the last couple of weeks have been hectic. We left the Cinque Terre and made it to Lake Como after being sent on yet another couple of Google Maps adventures. We keep arguing whether it’s the maps in the wrong or the navigator. Personally I think having a driver who has tunnel vision and no spatial awareness could possibly be most of the problem. Noel will beg to differ. First stop was at the Monza race track. I had arranged to go on a tour of the track the next day but we decided to call in on the way through to Onno so that we wouldn’t have ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua May 4th 2018

Et nous y voila... Aviez vous trouvé ? Et si je vous chantais : St Antoine de Padoue, grand voleur et grand filou, rendez-nous ce qui n'est pas à vous.... Celà ne vous rappelle rien ? Quand je perds quelque chose... je tourne en rond et récite ce petit refrain... Tout comme par le plus grand des Zasards... je retrouve ce que j'avais égaré ! Padoue (en latin : Patavium, en italien : Padova, en vénitien : Padoa) est une ville italienne de la région de la Vénétie, située au nord de la péninsule dans l... read more
une caserne de carabinieris...

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua August 15th 2017

Padova - the main reason for the visit to Padova was St Anthony’s Basillica - very impressive despite thinking we couldn't see another beautiful church. Being the celebration of the Assumption of Mary didn't stop thousands of tourists quietly walking through (I couldn't help wondering how I'd feel about a constant stream of gawking tourists walking through WVAC on a Sunday morning). We saw the “relics” of St Anthony - tongue and jaw - eeek. Fortunately no photos allowed!! Highlight - Coffee at world famous Cafe Pedrocchi - the cafe is now known for it's special coffee - espresso in the bottom of the cup and chocolate mint in the top which was kept quite separate being different viscosities - interesting - Mike had 2 and then went and bought me an Espresso but I did ... read more
Magnolia tree in church courtyard - huge
Espresso Pedrocchi
Sabrage ceremony

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua July 23rd 2017

Leaving Macau our journey consisted of a ferry, a 12-hour flight, two trains and a taxi to finally arrive in Padua. Before we knew it we were settled into our room at the traditional Scrovegni bed and breakfast, luckily Ron is fit as he was able to carry our not so light suitcases up the four flights of stairs. We had time in the afternoon to walk the historic centre of Padua before our pre booked tour of the Scrovegni chapel. We found the cobbled winding streets and buildings beautiful and were surprised how quiet and peaceful it was, although being a Sunday afternoon we guessed most people were inside escaping the heat of the day. At 7pm we joined a small group to tour the Scrovegni Chapel, which contains a fresco by Giotto, completed in ... read more
Scrovegni chapel

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua June 14th 2017

Our two night stay south of Ravenna is over and today we are traveling to Padua. Our previous visits to the area were in 2001 on a bus tour with a day visit to Venice and in 2011 for a brief look at one of the churches in Padua. This time we are in the city for three nights so that we can really visit Venice and the islands of Murano and Burano. We farewell our host family, say good luck to the son about to sit his final exam at high school, and load the car. Our first stop is a kilometre along the road for photos of sunflowers. We have left the olives behind and are now in the country of sunflowers and maize. We wonder about rice growing in the Po River area. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua May 23rd 2017

I had an active day of sightseeing and I think that I hit the highlights of what Padua has to offer. The city tram covers the areas of interest to the tourist, so I hopped on and off all day today. My first stop was the Scrovegni Chapel. Apparently this chapel is well known in the art world for its frescoes by Giotto, a famous artist who lived around 1300 AD. Giotto was among the first to break away from medieval painting by employing perspective, shaded coloration, and showing everyday people and scenes in his works. I have seen Giotto's frescoes in Assisi, but was unimpressed. Today I was definitely impressed! Luminous is the word that comes to mind. Perhaps it is because these frescoes are so well preserved thanks to humidity control and the limited ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua October 27th 2016

Gestern bin ich nach Padua gefahren. Zwei Dinge waren dabei besser als beim Ausflug nach Bologna: Ich habe mir vorher ein Parkhaus ausgesucht und mein Navi hat mich dorthin navigiert, kurz bevor der Akku leer war. Und das Wetter war wesentlich besser. Dort angekommen habe ich zuerst im bekannten und empfohlenen Caffe Pedrocchi einen Kaffee getrunken. Als sich der Ober aber aus dem Staub gemacht hat, nachdem ich gesagt habe, dass ich zahlen möchte, sind mir die Vorteile von Starbucks wieder vor Augen geführt worden. Aber ich habe gehört, dass meine Lieblingscafekette bald nach Italien expandieren will. Ich werde sie dabei so gut unterstützen, wie ich kann. Danach bin ich zum Palazzo del Bo, dem Sitz der zweitältesten Universität in Italien. Die älteste war ja in Bologna. Touren in dem Palazzo wurden aber zu anderen Zeiten ... read more
Palazzo del Bo.
Il Castello di Monselice.
Villa Duodo e le Sette Chiese.

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua September 28th 2016

Geo: 45.4096, 11.8766After lunch this afternoon Jenny and Fabio arrived. They were taking Michael and I out for the afternoon. We were going to Padua. I had been there before, but it was many years ago. The road was quite busy and it took us about forty minutes to get there. We drove around the edge of the city, along the canal and the old city walls. We parked, started walking and soon arrived at the Prato della Valle. This is the largest public square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. It was quite busy and apparently at various times of the day can be quite dodgy. There are 78 statues arranged in two rings on both sides of the canal. There are four bridges that cross the canal with a fountain in ... read more
02 More Buildings
03 Statue on a Bridge
04 Canal

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua April 21st 2016

We stayed in Padova on our first trip to Italy together, back in 2009, but we were there only a day and stayed near the train station. This time we rented an apartment on the Prato delle Valle, a big oval park at the edge of the historic center. The apartment was quiet, and well-appointed. We spent our time there walking around and traveling to near-by towns (Venice, Vicenza, and Castelfranco). Bill came down with a fever and cold, so I ended up going to Venice on my own. I could run every day in Padova. I loved running past so much history! I also cooked all our meals while we were there...I was very tired of eating out. Padova is a university town and full of students. Everyone, young and old, ride bicycles since many ... read more
Our quiet little place for 6 days...
Our building is the one with the most yellow flowers
Pratto della Valle

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua February 2nd 2016

Geo: 45.4096, 11.87662nd February 2016 PADOVA Padua is such a beautiful city with so much history. My son is living here so I have come for a visit.His apartment is tiny but family is family.There is always room for family. The cobble stone streets just scream out History with every step. I have this strange connection with this city. One of the shops a that sold stationary is called Prosdocimi. Almost my surname. Then in the church there was a statue of St. Prosdocimo. One night as we where driving through the old streets of Padua, I spotted a street sigh. "Ah," I screamed. Everyone in the car jumped out of their seats and got a fright. "What's wrong? What's happening?" They all asked. "The street is called San Prosdocimo!" "Is that all?" They all sighed. ... read more
Padua Ducks
Padua St Anthony
Padua Arches

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