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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano March 4th 2021

A visit to Murano, Venice The island is rich with culture and tradition and was once used as a refuge for Venetian glass-makers, who were forced by governmental officials to leave the city of Venice in the 1291 and establish their furnaces on Murano. The island consists of 7 individual islands linked together by beautiful bridges, the whole island actually measures a mere 1 mile. It’s artisan glassmaking history goes back centuries, and to this day Murano glass is revered the world over. Today we were invited by the owner of Berengo Studio to take a tour and see contemporary glass works being created. Berengo Studio was founded in 1989 by Adriano Berengo, who set out to forge a new path for art made with glass by testing the boundaries of contemporary glass-making with his innovative ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano September 9th 2016

Today's destination is two of the islands in the Venice lagoon. We catch a water bus and head towards the first of these, the island of Murano, which is only about a kilometre north of Venice. It's apparently famous for glass making, which we hear they've been doing here since the 13th century. We're guided into the Guarnieri glass factory, for a glass blowing demonstration. The man at the door asks us where we're from, and then wants to know whether we live in either Wagga Wagga or Tumbarumba. I wonder if the residents of those metropolises realise that they're the subject of Italian humour. We're told that the temperature in the glass furnace is more than a thousand degrees. We're not sure whether this is Celsius or Fahrenheit, but at that heat this would seem ... read more
Glass blowing, Murano
Glass blowing demonstration result, Murano

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano August 31st 2015

Today’s tour is to the outer islands of Murano & Burano. Both outlying islands are part of the city of Venice. As the influx of people increased the Venetians decided to move all glass blowing industries to Murano to cut down on chance of fires. A short demonstration was fascinating and made to look way too easy. The skill of artists like this (Elke said he looked like Nick Nolte) are a treat to watch. The other islands would have been used for different purposes ie industries, monasteries, farms and one was used to treat lepers. After wandering around the glass showroom (no pictures allowed) we returned to our shuttle and headed to Burano which is known for it’s lace. Paula gave us a demonstration of how lace was made. (I had no idea that each ... read more
Adding colour
Adding Red
Fluting the glass

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano April 30th 2015

The forecast for today said that there was a zero percent chance of rain. Hmmn, on that basis we decided to go out without our raincoats for a quick pre-breakfast visit to the Piazza San Marco before the hordes arrive. Of course as soon as we reached the square it started to spit!! What a difference an hour makes though to the number of tourists that are around. Yesterday afternoon the piazza was a heaving mass of people, at 8.00am this morning it was just us and a handful of of other people. There was some professional photography going on at this hour of the day. One was a wedding shoot, the other involved a woman in a flowing red dress so it was probably a fashion shoot? The photographer's assistant had to keep throwing the ... read more
St Mark's Square
St Mark's Square from the other end
Early Morning wedding photo's

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano August 18th 2013

We have been to Venice so many times before but we wanted something different this time. We avoided turistic places and searched for secluded locations. Our accommodation was a wonderful yacht in Giudecca island where we could enjoy the tranquility and the views to the canal.... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano April 29th 2013

Todays gelato flavours - GMB -Melon and GLB - good old chocolate The day dawned a bit drizzly and we were hoping it was going to clear as we have activity planned for the outdoors and wearing raincoats is not in the equation. Breakfast at the Hotel Germania was excellent with the chance to have a boiled egg.....oh how we have missed our morning egg.And we could make toast to go with it with nice soft bread. The ferry service out of Venice terminates at a town 18km from where we are at Lido di Jesolo down the peninsula that sticks out and protects Venice from the open sea and essentially creates a lagoon in which there are several islands which you can travel to by a ferry. It was clear,as we travelled down the road ... read more
Glass art,Murano

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano July 11th 2012

Murano, here we come! My Austrian colleague and I decide to spend our day off (and her birthday) in Murano! So, let's clarify things first. This page does not have Burano as a location option, therefore I put Murano. We wanted to go to the bigger island out of the two (Burano and Murano). The bigger one is where the glass factories are and it's called Murano. Burano is small, closer to our peninsula and has colored houses all over the island. It's said it was for sailors and merchants to find their own home coming from the port during the night or at dusk. Well, since we were not sure and didn't really plan this trip - we ended up in Burano, instead of Murano. The other Austrian girl and I wanted to surprise the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano October 21st 2011

Note: All the events discussed in this entry occurred back on March 2, 2007. For more updated trips and entries, please refer back to this site at a later date. An updated entry or trip will NOT include a note like this. Thanks and enjoy! Ever since I was a little girl, I remembered hearing my mother and maternal grandmother talk about Venetian glass. They always said it was very famous because the glass made there was among the best in the world. My interest in blown glass peaked even more once I was introduced to the works of Dale Chihuly as a teenager. I admired the bright colors he used and the flowing curved shapes he would produce. His work, in addition to my family's own curiosity in Venetian glass inspired me to want to ... read more
Murano 2
urano 3
Murano 4

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano September 17th 2011

Due to getting lost crossing Venice on foot to the Vaporetto stop for the 3 islands we ended up only having time and energy for the Islands of Murano – famous for its Venetian glass, and Burano – famous for its coloured houses. We saw some incredible glass items, sculptures, chandeliers, vases and jewellery. It is sad that there are now cheap Chinese copies of Murano glass all over the world – even here there are shops with the Chinese fakes. There are some really exciting modern chandeliers and lamps in several shops, but hundreds of the traditional Venetian glass chandeliers (it helps that all of the ceilings are so high here), and at first sight many seem quite tacky if I dare say (in case anyone Italian is reading this and is mortified). Lit though ... read more
Glass with jelly fish inside
Glass eagle
Glass flower garden

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Murano August 11th 2009

Geo: 45.4574, 12.3549This island is famous for glass blowing. As soon as we got off the boat we were ushered to come and see a free glass blowing demonstration. It was quite good. Firstly he made a vase and then a horse. He quickly worked with the glass before it cooled down and was unworkable. We found it quite interesting and were fascinated by their skills. After the demonstration we had a look around their shop. There were some beautiful pieces of glasswork, but very expensive and not practical to purchase at the start of a backpacking trip. As soon as we walked out of the shop, there was a different person announcing a free glass blowing demonstration. We went to see it. This man also made a vase and a horse. It only takes them ... read more
02 Glass Blowing Demonstration
03 Glass Blowing Demonstration
04 Glass Blowing Demonstration

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