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May 14th 2012
Published: June 17th 2017
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Now Sue's boss has a business associate we decided to visit in Spello. It's a small village, however we didn't see much off it.

We asked the first shop if they knew where to find Roberto at the Enoteco something or other. Of course they knew him and pointed the way.

Roberto is the proprietor of Enoteca Properzio. It is like a fine bottle shop also providing fine foods. We met Roberto and then the fun began. We were warmly welcomed by he and his brother,Carlo. Did we want lunch? We had just eaten and just wanted to say hello.

We were encouraged to sit down and Roberto appears with a "very important" bottle of 1995 Assisi Rossi he wants us to drink. So we do. The waitresses scurry around and prepare two platters of bruschetta including black and white truffle.

I am getting quite nervous about what the bill will be as he shows us a newspaper article about the wine. We decide we'll just go with it and enjoy the experience. Thing is, Roberto seems to have taken a liking to me and likes to touch.

Huge wine glasses are placed in front of us and he says they are for "very important" wine. He then disappears downstairs. Then he's back, sitting next to me, hand on my knee under the table, and he produces a 2009 Kurni (fine red from Montepulciano). He also shows us the latest edition of Wine Spectator with a feature on the wine. We will have to drink it. So he joins us for a drink and continues to touch me! The girls are trying to keep a straight face, Deb is getting redder and redder on my behalf, and I'm not sure what to do. I know it's all in good fun and he's just mucking around.

He then brings out a dessert red which we also drink and he tells us about the seven apartments he owns in Spello. He also seems to suggest (in Italian) that we (me he) may like to stay the night.

Anyway after much laughter we decide we need to get on the road. The girls encourage me to ask for the bill, as I seem to be the favourite. Of course there is no bill. The girls consider that we really do owe him and perhaps they leave me there, but I'm off out the door as soon as I can.

Roberto was a lovely man and we had such a fun afternoon with wine I would never have had the opportunity to try. It was all in jest and we will continue to laugh about it in years to come.


17th May 2012

And I thought you weren't getting any male attention?? If it makes you feel better about locking yourself out, I got home from a run last tuesday and went to use my spare house key to get in but realised it wasn't my spare house key. House
was impenetrable so I had to go across to the neighbours, borrow a ladder, climb onto my roof, take tiles off, slice my hand, climb into the roof space and drop down through the manhole (hurting my back) find I don't have any bandaids so am using toilet paer to stop the bleeding,meanwhile having one black cat meowing angrily because she was hungry! Then I had to climb back up and replace tiles in the rain, in the dark. Oh and I have a nasty little rash that I don't know where it came from, and I'm not in Italy...A x
17th May 2012

Oh why is there no pic of u & Roberto?! U go girl ;)
17th May 2012

7 apartments!! He sounds like a keeper..... now stopping running away from him!
17th May 2012

So - forget about the hands on the knees. Does he have a huge yacht we can all use?
21st May 2012

Come on. Where is Alberto?????

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