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November 6th 2010
Published: November 7th 2010
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Day 12 Hanging out in Spoleto

The weather was wonderful again today: crisp and sunny. We did a lot of walking: over the Ponte delle Torre to a church we saw on our hike, around the Rocca, and back to the church I'd visited when Bill was ill. We are now packed and off to Perugia tomorrow for a three day stay.

It has been fun having a kitchen and being able to shop and get to know merchants a bit (I love being greeted with "Ciao bella"!)...I'll miss that! Spoleto is lively and full of culture, history, and nature...but there is a much too noisy nightlife that passes right in front of our apartment....we never did figure it out. Cars start pouring through the little intersection around 11:00pm, coming from below and heading back down the hill. There really isn't anywhere to go that we could see. Groups of teens and adults walk by, talking loudly....this continued til about 2:00 am on Saturday night...???? We won't miss that.

Day 13 Spoleto to Perugia

We planned on taking the 9:15 am train, since the next one wasn't until 2:30 pm, but remembered after we got in bed
Remains of a Roman HouseRemains of a Roman HouseRemains of a Roman House

This was discovered in the 1800's in Spoleta. We were the only ones visiting it...
that we would be traveling on a Sunday and that perhaps the buses to the station were running on a different schedule. We were partly right: except that the different Sunday schedule meant NO buses. Of course, not a taxi in sight. We had 40 minutes to trot to the station with our bags (down and around the hill). We made it with about 5 minutes to spare....sweat soaked and well exercised.

After a pleasantly uneventful hour train trip we arrived in Perugia, caught a bus, checked into our hotel, unpacked, rested a bit and then headed out to see the town. The center is about 1.5 kilometers from our hotel, but we opted for quiet over location this time.

Perugia is darker and less renovatesd than the smaller towns we've visited. We walked through the old center this afternoon and then ate dinner in student/sports bar (watched the Lazio/Roma game), where our bill was a horrendous $50.00 for bad pizza and three beers. Should have asked the price of the beers....oh well....

We have wifi and the BBC in our room!

We will turn in early tonight, since we got little sleep last night
The atrium where rain water was collectedThe atrium where rain water was collectedThe atrium where rain water was collected

Water was stored in a cistern under the house.
(see above).

PS Nola, glad the cat is OK!

Additional photos below
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Church on the hillsideChurch on the hillside
Church on the hillside

Famous for carved animals on the front
Cats waiting for man who feeds themCats waiting for man who feeds them
Cats waiting for man who feeds them

It was amazing...they knew he was coming before he was even in sight!
18th century shoes!18th century shoes!
18th century shoes!

I wish they were my size....
Our Perugia hotel is near the church in the backgroundOur Perugia hotel is near the church in the background
Our Perugia hotel is near the church in the background

It turned out to be a pleasant walk...
Military dogMilitary dog
Military dog

The main plaza in Perugia was taken over by a military exhibit. This dog performed....

Beautiful colors...according to guide, a meeting place for students and tourists...not a soul around.

8th November 2010

Great journey...
Love this trip... so many very cool things to see... looks like you are both doing well. Great photos! Favorite? Hmmm... maybe the Tree in the Woods by the Cave! Sounds so mysterious! Loved Italian Betty, also... haha. So many great ornaments on the buildings, etc. Wish it was like that here! Have a great rest of your journey! SC

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