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September 3rd 2005
Published: September 7th 2005
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We caravanned from Frascati to Terni destination waterfall/rapids Marmore!

It was a good day to go into the mountains of Italy for a bit of aqua-adventure. We joined the mountaineering club at ESRIN very last minute so we could participate in this outing. I really, didn't want to partake in the festivities being fearful of rapids. In the end I had committed and next thing I realize I'm down river with a paddle in my hand, yikes!

Thankfully in the company of six men including the 'guide' to make sure I made it back to dry land alive!

This was a very picturesque place HUGE amazing misty waterfall that is breathtaking. I think it's the largest waterfall I've ever seen. Once we arrived at the center had a bit of food then got suited up, if you can call it that, in these blue rubber suits. Think I lost at least two pounds during the instruction lession prior to getting into the water! You literally melt in these things not quite what we expected for a 'wet suit', ya know what I'm saying.

What a ride... it was definately a whole lotta fun! Will do it again just for fun, I was really frightened before getting started.

The photos should give you an idea of what it was like ... even the oompah loompah with safety gear on top.

After our rafting experience about half of us went to walk up the trail to get a closer view of the falls and on the drive home 'Techno Disco on wheels' we saw spectacular lightning.

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Andy Andy

thanks for organizing the adventure day.
avanti, avantiavanti, avanti
avanti, avanti

based on the smile - I was having FUN

7th September 2005

S'ter, you are one wild woman!!!! Those are the hugest rapids I have ever seen!!!!! :-) Cannot wait to see what's next!

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