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January 13th 2010
Published: January 13th 2010
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Reading Under the Tuscan Sun (a great book) has inspired me to put up my pictures of Tuscany. I warn you though, they really don’t do the place justice. I would recommend that everyone just go there themselves. I know that I definitely want to go back. It was probably my favorite part of our half-term trip.

We finally got out of Rome. Late of course. The phone quest had set us back time-wise. Luckily getting out of the city wasn’t too bad. Italian drivers are crazy. That is one stereotype that I am full-heartedly willing to buy into. We had managed to get an automatic, which was a godsend, because the hills of Tuscany are not exactly the best place to be trying to re-learn stick shift. We also got a GPS, which was extremely helpful. I don’t think we could have gotten around without it, but it did get us into trouble on one occasion, which I will write about later. Dad grew pretty fond of it and took to calling it “our lady friend.” Although he did confide in me at one point that he didn’t understand how it worked in the dark… I was just like,
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satellites Dad… how did you think it worked? There’s not actually a little lady in there looking for the road signs! It was pretty cute though. I file it under the same category as Dad needing to yell into the computer when we do skype, like it’s the volume of his voice that carries his message across the ocean or something. Love ya, Dad! 😊

Anyway, we first stopped in Orvieto, which is actually technically in Umbria. It is this amazing little town on a plateau, so the views of the surrounding area are spectacular. It has a very impressive Gothic duomo, which we had to check out. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to explore the town since we were in a hurry, but I was glad we got to stop there even if it was just briefly.

Next we were back on the autostrada headed for the winery Il Borro, which was in Tuscany near Arezzo (a town which is actually quite close to Bramasole, which is Frances Mayes’s house, for anyone who has read Under the Tuscan Sun). Well, we were supposed to have lunch there, but of course we got there way late and there was no lunch. This was a bummer and something that would lead to my severe crabbiness later in the day. We did tour the winery, which was lovely. The view of the medieval town Il Borro was also excellent. I was sorry we didn’t have a chance to stop there.

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Photo 16

view from Orvietto (the town is on a plateau)
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Photo 20

Il Borro winery
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Photo 21

views from the winery
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Photo 23

the medieval town of Il Borro (for which the winery is named)

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