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September 24th 2009
Published: September 26th 2009
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Let me begin this entry by explaining just how unfit I am. V.E.R.Y! So for me to complete a four hour hike (half of which was somewhat treacherous because it had rained earlier in the day, my hiking shoes had poor grip and I was wearing a skirt) is quite an achievement and one I'm very proud of! It was also made somewhat easier by the absolutely STUNNING views to be had!

The only reason I even knew about this part of Italy was because of a guy I met in Milano on my first day in Italy. What a lucky meeting! The ocean is the most beautiful colour here and we were lucky enough to have a perfectly sunny day to set it off. The area is called Cinque Terre because there are FIVE villages nestled along the coast which you hike between. They're gradually bigger as you go along and are painted wonderfully bright colours. They also have some great craft stalls.

The very last leg between town 4 & 5 is apparently the worst so we (the girls I did the hike with are Erin from Seattle and Jeri from the Phillipines, both of whom I met in my hostel and thoroughly enjoyed the company of!) decided not to do that bit. We spend the evening having delicious pasta (marinara in my case) in a little restaurant in Reomaggiore and were enjoying ourselves so much we went for a drink in La Spezia as well (and guess what? i met my first Camberrans there! Hehe).

The next day Jeri and I caught the train down to Monterosso (town number 5) and hired beach beds and an umbrella and spent the day at the beach. It was heavenly after the previous day! Sadly the beach was pebbly (much like those in England) and got deep VERY suddenly! It was very relaxing though. Nice to spend a couple of days communing with nature rather than art. (And I'm finally getting a tan!)

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Stacey Stacey

On the bus to Cinque Terre
The Lovers SeatThe Lovers Seat
The Lovers Seat

This bench is apparently famous. Don't see why though.
Finally a cat!Finally a cat!
Finally a cat!

Italy is FULL of dogs it was nice to see a cat! And I saw a few others in this area also.

Some of the lovely crafts.

So Pisa's tower was just a warm up with its 293 steps.

27th September 2009

Memorable trip
Hi Stacey, Your trip to to Cinque terre is exciting and as usual the snapes are too good. Do upload more snaps as you have indicated. Also you look great in the large dark glasses on the bus to Cinque terre. Have a nice time and do travel more. bye, RAmz
27th September 2009

Thanks Ramz! It's funny I never would have considered buying sunglasses like that before this trip. I used to think they looked silly but now they're fashionable I feel awefully glamorous in them! Hehe.
18th October 2009

Getting fit
You must be getting REALLY fit by now - with all those steps and hikes! I love the colourful streetscape. That was one of the things I liked around the islands in the lagoon in Venice - all the houses were painted such lovely colours there, too. Our tour guide reckoned it was so the drunken men knew which was their house when they staggered home at night. Cheeky thing! Whatever the reason - they look so fresh and inviting don they? I also love the way the houses in these old walled towns seem to cling to the mountainsides as they clamber over each other to the top. We saw a French one like it (St Paul de Vence) last year, surrounded by a high wall and perched on a mountain top. GORGEOUS!
19th October 2009

Yeah I love that too. I've since seen a couple of villages in Spain that are like that too.

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