Day 11 My Birthday

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September 16th 2015
Published: September 18th 2015
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Day 11

My Birthday

Yea I’m old but I’m still moving. As Kirsten’s dad (Opa) says getting old isn’t for sissies. I’m in the corner crying not another year older.

If you haven’t figured it out this trip is my birthday gift from Kirsten. So why is everything on my credit card. Hmmmm….. It’s ok I’m having a good time.

Kirsten let me sleep in again ok as usual; I woke up to smelling coffee. I had a wonderful birthday breakfast just like the one I had yesterday.

So today we decided to go to Volterra, this is the city where there is lot’s of Etruscan stuff. So off we go winding up & down through the Tuscan hills. Kirsten’s driving skills have improved over the last few days. She is cutting through the “s” curves like a knife through a tomato. Me I’m hanging on for life, now I know why the auto manufacturers created “Oh Shit” handles for passengers. Imagine my left hand with the map my right hand on the handle being thrown from side to side and Kirsten flying through the curves beeping the horn and waving at everyone she see’s.

While on our way to Volterra we come to the town of Castelina in Chianti. I ask Kirsten have you been here. Nope, I respond well Drew and I had dinner here and he loved this village. Let’s take a break and I’ll show you the town. Kirsten, immediately down shifts and throw the poor VW Polo into a parking space just outside the village wall. Is this close enough, Yea; as I’m getting up off the floorboard while straightening my sunglasses.

Kirsten is out and walking up to the gate yelling come on birthday boy, all the while I’m still rolling out the car door. I finally catch up with her and we walk through Castelina in Chianti. She loves the village. Cute little shops, galleries, bakeries and very italian. We stop and browse the shops, after an hour or so we’re off to Voltarra.

Up, down round and round. There are no I mean NO straight roads in IT-LEE. Before we get to Voltarra we’re whizzing through a round about, that’s Italy’s answer to four way stops. Kirsten loves just going in circles around them and getting stares from the locals as she waves to them.

So as Kirsten makes her second loop around this round about she spots the Pancetta man. Ok this is probably one of Italy’s best contributions to mankind. This is a food truck that sells roasted pig with all kinds of stuff in it. Kirsten pulls in to the gravel parking lot and skids to a stop. She looks at me and says Lunch! Oh Yea, this time I’m out the door before her.

As were ordering Kirsten ask do you want to share a sandwich, I look at her with a stare “ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?” Ahhh; that’ll be NO!

We have a nice lunch and the Pancetta guy come over and talks and talks. I think he is working on his English and Kirsten is practicing her Italian. They both are enjoying themselves.

After lunch and a few more kilometers we’re in Volterra.

Lori and Sam were here on their trip to Italy. Lori knows I like museums and tells me not to waste the $10 euros. She says it better spent at a café people watching. So after walking the village we sit down and have cappuccino and cake and watch the people.

Well I have to say I’m a little disappointed in Volterra, they we’re pushing Alabaster and the Etruscans. Lots’ of tourist and Rick Steves really over rated the village. Ok, that’s a big statement I know. So to back it up; I see this large castle looking area next to the Centro. We walk up thinking were going to a castle, well as I’m approaching it I start seeing all these warning signs. In German, In Italian and then finally in English. “Halt this is a State Prison” WHAT! Rick you forgot to mention the old castle is a state prison. Big as life; razor wire and all. Yea I just wave to the guards, turned around and head back to the Centro before they recognize me from a wanted poster.

After enjoying all sights in Volterra we’re back in the car and head home to Gaiole. We get home to our cute loft and take a nap. Kirsten says hey I want to take you to dinner. Like I’m going to refuse that. She found a pizzeria just out of town and we drive to it. We have an appetizer that is pizza bread brushed with olive oil, dusted with Parmesan cheese and covered in fresh rosemary. I can still taste and smell it. Do Italians know how to cook or what?

No birthday is complete without talking to momma so I called and we talked for a while; she was happy to hear we’re enjoying Italy. As always she sang Happy Birthday to me; loved it, she sings it to me every year. By the end of the call she ask when you coming to see me. Soon mamma, soon. Love you.

Best birthday ever!

Thanks to all for the Facebook Birthday wishes!!!

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19th September 2015

It´s so enjoyable to read your entries every day!
19th September 2015

It´s so enjoyable to read your entries every day!

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