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September 24th 2009
Published: September 26th 2009
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Though it could barely be called a tour as we only went to ONE winery! (And sadly all we tasted was reds until I requested a white). Thea (a 19yr old from Melbourne who happened to be checking into my hostel at the same time as me) and I decided to do the Brunello Grand Tour for only 35 euro's. We spent the first part of the trip at the Montalchino winery where the owner Mario took a different woman on his arm for each part of the tour. (I was the last and the youngest! Lol) Personally I really didn't like the wine much (and neither did the two Irish friends sitting across from me and they LIKE red wine!) But the four of us had a grand old time writing little notes in our notepads and trying to sound pretentious. The cheese, bread and ham we had with the wine was delicious! Hehe.

Next we headed to Montalcino and its stronghold where we had a lovely view of the country side from the fort. And finally as the sun set we went to St. Antimo's Abbey. It was the first time I have been to a church here in Italy which has been MODEST! And I have to say it really did have a spirituality about it in the dusk which was very moving. It was a lovely spot. On the bus trip back to Siena I enjoyed a wonderfully strong red sunset over the mountains. This really is a lovely region.

Thea and I joined the lovely Irish pair (Simon and um... the funny lady?) for dinner and later a drink in an Irish pub! Lol. (We couldn't find anything else nearby and it was the 250 year anniversary of Guinness after all.) In our hunt for a jazz bar we thought existed (which didn't) we also spent a short time sitting in an empty amphitheatre and chatting. It was a fabulous day. (I'm meeting so many great people on this trip!)

That was actually day two. I spent my first day wandering around Siena and its main square but I've got to say the town itself didn't do much for me. The countryside was so worth it though.

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Siena FountainSiena Fountain
Siena Fountain

Enjoyed stopping to read next to this.
There's a story behind this...There's a story behind this...
There's a story behind this...

about two twins, Romulus and Remus, being abandoned and raised by wolves. When they gre up they fought about where to establish Rome and one brother killed the other then built his Rome.

There was the shrunken head of a female saint in here. No kidding!

2nd October 2009

sounds like youre having a great time hun! off to spain now yeah? wow! so jealous!i loved tuscany i wish i was there in the countryside with you! xoxox
2nd October 2009

You did it!
Heya! Yup been in Spain 2 days. You managed to get this website working! WOOT! :) Great to hear from you hun.

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