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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano June 11th 2019

11/6/2019 – San Gimignano Deze middag korte verplaatsing van Siena naar San Gimignano. Prachtig ommuurd Middeleeuws stadje met de 14 torens. Bovenop de hoogste top van een heuvelachtig gebied omgeven door wijn- en olijfgaarden. Gesticht hoe kan het hier anders door de Etrusken een paar eeuwen voor onze tijdrekening. Ooit was het zo rijk dat er 72 van die torens hier bijeen stonden. Prestige projecten, tevens woon- en verdedigingstorens van concurerende Middeleeuwse families rijk geworden van de safraanhandel. Nu leven ze er van de toeristen dagelijks met busladingen aangevoerd.... read more
San Gimignano
San Gimignano
San Gimignano

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano April 29th 2018

When the guide book tells you to visit San Gimignano either early morning or late evening DO IT!!! What a different experience walking around this town when hardly any shops were opened. By the time we left at 11 a.m. there were lines of cars trying to get into the full parking lots. I'm strolling, some buying, many pictures , but mostly the morning story was Cafe and gelato. I'll miss this town. And really fell in love with the smaller Hilltown nearby Certaldo Alto. Ciao for now.... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano April 24th 2018

Ahhhhhh Tuscany. After massive crowds in Roma due to the convergance of three holidays (Roma national birthday, Italian liberation Day and labor day, unbeknownst to us in full), we have arrived in Tuscany toquiet and peace and vistas for which there are no words that can adequately describe the beauty. I looked out and thought these are all those pictures and colors that I've loved looking at throughout the years and now I'm part of the picture! Che bellisimo!! A steep harrowing walk to Certalda Alte.,A high old town so typical of Tuscan towns on a hilltop with Towers looking over the valley. Of course we had to walk the steep incline rather than take the funicula. My big toes even hurt from coming down the hill and having to brace myself against the steepness. Our ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano April 18th 2018

So it's wednesday, 4/18 - getting close. Doing all this last minute stuff like trying to start a blog. OH MY. I hope i can finish up all the stuff i need to do for work, plus for this trip - all in the next 2 days. Hopefully will sleep well on that evening flight :). Ciao!... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano November 2nd 2017

One thing we learned about each other while traveling together, roller bags in tow, is that we both roll with no matter what misadventures come our way. Our short train ride to San Gimigniano got lengthened with a side trip to Lucca because we got on the wrong train (or at least the wrong direction from Florence). At least we got to see Pisa, though there were no leaning towers in view. The trains are fast and comfortable so we relaxed and made friends with fellow travelers along the way. Arriving late, at sunset, we were lucky to be picked up by our Airbnb host at the train station, probably because he wanted to go out to dinner with his own family. Antonio owns a bunch of apartments, a vineyard (all grapes already picked) and an ... read more
San Gimignano
San Gimignano courtyard outside our Airbnb apartment
SG towers

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano September 16th 2017

Hello Everyone I think I'm back. Been very frustrating to not be able to upload pictures. Here are 15. out of about 115. I'll try to catch up. We are near Pisa. Can't be this close and not try to lift the Leaning Tower up! Lowell... read more
Roman Theater  1st Century  1000 BC
Minnesota Viking bicycle in Tuscany

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano June 4th 2016

Geo: 43.4703, 11.0438Today, we took an excursion from Florence to the Tuscan countryside, to the medieval village of San Gimignano. During the Renaissance, the rival Guelph and Ghibelline political factions flexed their muscles by constructing tall towers throughout San Gimignano; 14 of those towers survive today.We then visited the Tenuta Torciano Winery in the Tuscan countryside, for the taste of many wines, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Incredible experience!... read more
San Gimignano
San Gimignano
San Gimignano

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano February 3rd 2016

Spent the day walking around the beautiful ancient 'city of towers' San Gimignano. The highest tower was owned by the mayor (one year terms), it being ordained that no other citizen could build any tower higher than the mayor's. In this city of competition, one of the families decided that they would then build twin towers both of which would be just slightly lower than the mayoral tower: two showing they were definitely wealthy enough to build a higher tower had they been given permission. There have been many stories of rivalry culminating in a beheading, family eviction, tower slicing and vindictive retribution. We will share today's photos with you: no meals bought (sorry lee) but a few little mementos purchased.... read more
Courtyard from our room
Our room
Well and stairs to museum civico

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano February 2nd 2016

We said goodbye to Laura our host at il monchetta b&b, after giving her a small gift to thank her for looking after us so well, to venture on the next stage of our trip which began with a drive back through Marche and into Tuscany where we stumbled upon a lovely lakeside town: Passignano Sul Trasimeno which means by the Trasimeno lake. Surprisingly again an old sector with this time 'Assisi like' architecture: probably Florence or Pisa style. As we do, we wandered here and there taking heaps of photos and checking out any 'vendesi' signs! Michael reckons we found a good one with views over the lake but we don't know how much: yet. Downside was expensive coffee! 2euros each where most places were 1 or 1:50. Upside: cafes and restaurants everywhere like st ... read more
Ferry station
Nice door: nice view

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » San Gimignano October 22nd 2015

Geo: 43.4703, 11.0438They label this medieval walled hilltop town the "Tuscan Manhattan", and you will soon see why. From a distance we assumed San Gimignano would be an exciting place to visit. However, initial appearances can be deceiving.All total we spent about three to four hours here and did perhaps one hour of sightseeing. The remainder was spent finding a place to park and eat, the latter including each of us greedily consuming a gelato from the best ice cream shop in the world with awards to prove it. Yes, the ice cream was good.As for the rest of the visit, Bird labels it "just okay", which translated means none-to-good. We took maybe one or two adequate pictures but will burden you with seven. Tomorrow we are off to Siena.... read more

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