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June 15th 2012
Published: June 18th 2012
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Day 34

Wake to another beautiful day, sun shining and hardly a cloud in the sky - jealous yet?

Chris has a morning hair appointment so I pack bags and the car and get organized. Chris gets back all shorn and much happier with her Italian hair cut. Not a lot of chatter as the hairdresser has no English. Even though she took the Italian phrase book, it was of no real use. They communicated by sign language and the hair cut turned out as requested.

We say farewell to our host and one of the English speaking receptionists who had given us some really good advice on the tourist things, etc. Photos of the hotel, with our latest friend and we decide to go the other way to have a look ath thentinynvillage up the road. Big mistake..... Very thin road (same road where the accident was last night).

Finally negotiate it to the end (following the bus closely - if it can get through then so can I). At the end it is a real mess. Trucks doing the laundry run, dropping off goodies, etc and the bus trying to do a U turn all adds up to chaos. I am given instructions in Italian on where to squeeze the car so the truck behind can squeeze in and allow the bus to squeeze out......

Decide it is best to bail out of there while we get a chance so visiting Leratto was very brief. Off towards our next stop - Tuscany. We have 1 night at an Agritourism farm, then 3 more nights at another one in the same area of San Gimignano (unable to get the 4 nights consecutive).

Get to our place called Agriturismo Cesane. Very pretty countryside on the drive and this place sits on top of a hill overlooking the vines and olive trees down into the valley below. Taken to our room which has the same view from it's little terrace. Very Tuscan.

Go up to the main terrace for WiFi to check out what we will do tomorrow in Florence. Meet 2 women with young girls. They invite us to sit and have a glass of wine - ok then. One is from Sweden and the other says Ireland but then adds she is really Swedish. Mother and daughter we work out later.

Sit there for about an hour and a half chatting and drinking white wine. They even go and get some of the local wine as a tasting exercise. Decide we had better eat (took a while but had to offer the eating bit somehow........).

Go to a local restaurant which is quite busy. They find us a table on the terrace which is very pleasant. We had been told about a Florentine specialty of steak so decided to order that. Bloody hell..... Half a cow. This is a shared plate - fortunately. Over 1 kg of meat which is served with the bone but actually cut into portions when served. Beautiful meat which is cooked to perfection but a real struggle for both of us to finish it off - did it justice in the end.

As we leave the locals are playing a form of bowls on a concrete floor with bevelled edges so they can roll the balls off the walls to the jack. Very eager competition happening. Alongside the bowling rink is a fenced in mini soccer pitch with about 8 or 10 guys playing.

We walk back along the dark dark road to our accommodation. As we walk we notice little lights along the way. Not too much wine, these are a sort of glow fly. All of a sudden the road is lit with the little glow lights - very pretty in an eerie way.


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