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September 7th 2012
Published: September 8th 2012
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This bed is as hard as granite, I love it, and Kirsten doesn’t. I wake up around 7 AM, shower and dressed by 7:15. I’m sitting in the court yard all by myself writing the blog. It’s brisk and the coffee is perfect, yea this is what I image heaven to be.

We wrap up breakfast and load into the car. Today were doing Florence, yea were going to hang with David and Michelangelo. It’s about 22 KM north of our Agriturismo. We are they’re in less than 30 min, and Kirsten’s pulling into a parking space. Every time we come to Florence Kirsten has always snagged a parking spot. We are within walking distance to Ponte Veccio.

We’re out of the car and walking and decide to walk up to the Michelangelo Piazza. I believe I’m correct when I say this is the highest spot over looking Florence, If I’m wrong sorry.

About this time my hearing aid battery goes. I didn’t bring my backpack with the spares. Hmmmm, deaf and in Florence.

It’s now getting close to lunch time and whenever I have been in Florence I just love to eat at this market right in the middle of Florence. Now it’s a pain to get to and you have to walk through many sidewalk vendors and hold onto your wallet. But it’s worth the effort. Some where in all of this weaving and walking I manage to find a shop that sells hearing aid batteries. YEA! I’m back on line; sometimes I think its better in my quite world.

As the journey continues and about half way through Bea yells, HEY WHEN ARE GOING TO GET THERE!!!! Just a few more streets, YOU SAID THAT 4 @#%^ STREETS AGO!!!! I know it’s not like I do this everyday Bea. As I turn the corner there it is, I stop, Bea runs into the back of me, and looks up. WOW, I never seen this before, Kirsten smiles and say’s Stevie always takes me to the nicest places. Bea is amazed, it’s an inside framers market, 10 times the size of Winter Parks farmers market. They have restaurants and Italian vendors not the weird vendors on the streets. Bea was impressed with lunch and says it was worth the walk.

As were leaving the market Kirsten ask, you want to see the Domo, yea but the line is always too long. Let’s check, ok, so off we go to the Domo. As we turn the corner by the Domo, I look toward the front of the cathedral. The line is short, wow, I’ve been here 4 times and it’s always an hour plus wait. Today we walk right in, it is magnificent, of all the Domo’s I believe this is at the top with Paris and Remis.

As were leaving the Domo, Kirsten looks over and smiles, you know why we come to Florence don’t you. Yes I know, its time to get a new purse, Kirsten smiles and says YES!

Off they go Kirsten and Bea looking for a new purse. In about an hour they both return with smiles and new purses.

Back into the car and were on our way back to our room in Greve. I turn in for a nap and Kirsten and Bea decide to tour the vineyard.

It’s 6 PM and I’m rested and Kirsten and Bea are ready for the Chianti Festival. As were driving to Greve I suggest they drop me off at the corner and I’ll make us reservations at the restaurant recommended to us yesterday. Kirsten agrees and I jump out at the corner. I walk up to the restaurant and in my broken Italian I’m able to get us a reservation at 7:30 pm. Bea is amazed I can speak broken Italian.

As I walk back to our meeting point I stop and get a sample of wine. Kirsten & Bea show up a few minutes latter with wine in their glasses.

For the next hour and half we mingle and sample wine and eat bread with olive oil and cheese. As were standing by this one fountain an older lady walks up and starts talking with us, she’s from Sarasota FL. For real, she comes hear every year and helps with the harvest. We get her info and I’m thinking next year I’ll come over and drive the tractor. Just like I did in Wendell NC as a kid.

I know this blog is long but I have one more item to enter, so stay with me.

Around 9 pm all the kids come out with lanterns they are all walking up the cathedral and are gathering. It’s the same feast of Rificolona as in Florence. We had originally thought we would stay in Florence for the feast but it would be to late getting back to our room. It turn out that all the small villages around Florence celebrate the same feast.

I know it’s only 4 pm there however, it’s 10 pm here and I’ m exhausted. Kirsten and Bea have both passed out.

Last a personal note: I’m sitting in the courtyard of the vineyard; stars above and a bottle of wine on the table. My thoughts are of Drew and Lori, looking forward to the day we can sit here and enjoy a glass of wine. Love Dad

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8th September 2012

Warm and possible rain here....
and it's NOT Italy... Love your stories. Keep the blog going! :-)

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