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September 11th 2013
Published: September 16th 2013
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I wake up with the Tuscan sun reflecting from the mirror into my face. I roll over and Drew is still asleep. Last night was a good night and he is in a deep sleep. I don’t remember the last time I saw him so relaxed. Yea I do, he was a young boy sleeping in front of the TV with the game controller in hand.

I quietly shower and get dressed and head down stairs for breakfast. I’m the first and it’s not yet set up. Elaina apologies and ask where is your wives. I laugh and say this trip is for Drew and I plan on bringing my Wife back soon. Bea will probability will join us.

As I’m waiting for breakfast I reflect upon the last time I was here. I feel the vines reaching out to me winding around my soul welcoming me back.

Hey dad, woe, sorry I startled you.

No, No, I’m ok I was just listing to…. Huh! Never mind.

Are you ok;

Yea, yea I’m good.

We ate breakfast, and as always it was good. We discuss today’s agenda. Florence, this is it. The Uffizi; the cathedral; the baptistery and everything in between. I tell Drew it’s gong to be crowded and stick close to me.

We jump into the car and off we go. Fifteen minutes later I’m parking in our normal spot close to the Pointe Vecchio.

About now Drew just like Lori is thinking the old man does know what he’s doing. LOL.

I jump out put money into the meter and we’re walking toward the Uffizi. We turn the corner and the line is crazy long. Drew point toward the guard, so I stroll up and ask “wheres dos’a we’s buys’a de tickets” and again the young man tilts his head and in perfect English say “at the counter that says tickets sir” and points toward the glass booth. Yea, that moment of dad knowing what’s going on was out the window.

We purchase our tickets. We have an entry time of 1:30 PM; it’s now 10’ish and we’re of to see the Florence’s famous cathedral. As we leave the Uffizi Plaza Drew stops dead. It’s David, where I say. There, oh yea that David. I’m looking all round for David Entwistle. Drew was standing there in total ah.

I had no idea he was this large, Dad did you know, and Drew starts telling me fact after fact about David. I just smile.

After Drew has his fill of the Uffizi Plaza we walk toward the Baptistery. We get our ticket and when we return the doors are opening. Again Drew is in total ah, with the Baptistery. As Drew is walking around taking in the art, I was trying to relive Dan Brown’s Dante’s Inferno. Great read.

After about 45 minutes I remind Drew we need to visit the cathedral, our tickets are for 1:30 PM at the Uffizi. As I pull Drew out and head toward the Dumo.

The line is somewhat long but is moving. We enter the cathedral and again Drew just like Lori is in total ah. Someone built this he says; well it’s more like a lot of someone’s built it over a very long time. Yea I know but until you stand here and take in the vast amount of marble and attention to detail it’s hard to believe this exist. It’s real not just a picture in a book.

We spend the next hour plus in the cathedral and crypt. I finally ask can we get some lunch? I’m starving….. Drew looks at me and says as were leaving the cathedral. I’ll just have to come back.

We find a café’ by the Uffizi and have lunch. Thank you, my dogs are killing me. Finally I’m sitting and eating. The pizza was sooooo good. I’m sure it has nothing to do we me being totally famished.

At 1:15 Drew and I are standing in the Uffizi line. The attendant looks at our tickets and waves us in. For the next 3 hours we walk through the museum. Drew has died and gone to art heaven. You know I’m even impressed that I recognize some of the artwork. But Drew’s jaw is dragging the floor. It’s wall-to-wall people and Drew is totally in gulfed with all the art around him. Yea, Kirsten is now thinking I missed that bullet.

After leaving the Uffizi I tell Drew about Pointe Vechio. The bridge in Florence where all the gold dealers have there shops located. He says yea, I would like to walk across it. So we do, on the other side we get ourselves a Gelato and head back to the car.

The drive home was easy and uneventful and quick. We arrive and I immediately pass out for a nap. Around 6 PM I wake up and I’m hungry. We pile into the car and head toward Greva. Elaina recommended the MORO restaurant; our meals were delicious.

After dinner we walk Greve’s main plaza talking about todays journey.

I believe Drew is beginning to like Tuscany.

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