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October 23rd 2012
Published: October 23rd 2012
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We arrived in Florence on another overcast day. We found ourselves at our B&B ‘Le Seggiole’ (take note) the BEST B&B ever. The owner, Ulrike (Swede married to an Italian) really was the loveliest and gracious host gave us an in-depth guide to Florence and Tuscany’s surrounds. She was very lovely, and all of the staff as well. After check-in, we headed to the Piazza where we got stuck in a massive downpour and rushed undercover for a late lunch. The next day we visited Florence’s sights – climbed the 400+ steps up the tower and viewed the amazing Florence and glorious Tuscan surrounds; then visited the Duomo which was simple yet lovely, the crypt, and another museum associated with the Duomo. Afterward, we explored Florence, including the famous bridge and leather market!!

The next day we headed to a nearby medieval town of Siena. We went to the Duomo (which was SPECTACULAR in comparison) and climbed up to see the panoramic view on Siena. Oh and MORE religious art collections. Which, if you are a non-believer, is lovely as art and the talent, but gets tiresome!! So, afterward we walked around the winding streets and had some streets at an awesome pub with a really strange yet clean, neon-light toilet! After 2 rides home (we stopped at a town on the way back) we were home to Le Seggiole.

The next day, off to Pisa and the leaning tower! A short train ride and we were in Pisa. We walked through the university town’s main shopping street, and really, not knowing where we were going, headed towards the tower. After a short lunch, we made our way to the Piazza and took some photos of the tower. It cost a lot to climb the tower, so we refrained and instead took your typical tourist photos (touching the top, kissing it etc. all of me of course, not Bill). I bought some leather goods there at the markets, and then we were off again. It was a nice day in Pisa, but really it seems tourists pass through for 2 things – Pisa international airport (and it seems a lot of tourists are heading for Florence anyway) and the leaning tower. Nice for a day trip, not worth to stay overnight.

The next day we had free time in Florence. We walked shopped, ate, and lazed around. It was another lovely day. The evening was especially nice as the weather had warmed and we had a lovely dinner (best pasta I had in Italy yet) and a nice walk around. The one thing I have to say with Florence (this is a problem too in Rome but not as much) rose sellers!!! Everywhere, at dinner, on the street…. I feel sorry for the immigrant workers who need to do this to get by….but it is so tiresome and annoying to have roses shoved at you knowing it is not free (despite what they say). One night we were accosted 6 times in one sitting! Hehe, I laugh it off now even talking Thai to get them off my back.

The day after, when we wanted to go on the Chianti tour in the Tuscany region but were too late to make enquiries, we headed to the nearby town of Fiesole, a 20 minute bus ride. A lovely small town on the outskirts of Florence, we did a scenic walk were we could get a panoramic view of Florence and then had a great pizza lunch. Back in town, we did more shopping, and in particular, leather shopping. After Bill bought his leather jacket in Venice I wasn’t too fussed on leather goods then bought, wallets, handbags etc.!!!


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