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September 11th 2009
Published: September 11th 2009
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HELLO WORLD! Aka friends and family!

First...Always remember, never forget 9/11...even in Italy. My prayers go out to anyone who lost someone on that day. God bless!

So I have officially finished my first week of classes! I am really excited but also nervous for them. It seems as if they will be more difficult than I had previously thought, but I know I will be fine! 

I am taking four classes, Italian 101! Ciao, mi chiamo Amanda, e tu? Sono di Chicago e sto molto benne! Do not act like you are not impressed.

I am also taking a class titled “European Societies”. It is a political science course and seems like it will offer a lot of information. I am very well informed on American political systems but not Europe. So I am taking this opportunity to educate myself for the better, in case I ever do decide to move here…Kidding…maybe?

My third class is “The city as a Metaphor”. It is a literature and film class. The book we are reading for next week is interesting and I have been really participating in class. I am very excited for this one. I think it will be a lot of fun but also a lot of thinking!

My last and final course is “Renaissance Art, Birth and Origins”. This class is by far one of the most interesting class I have ever taken! The professor is an American woman who has lived and studied in Italy for the last 35 years. She is just so educated and knows so much information about different land marks in Florence, it is mind blowing. I really, really love the class and think it will be educational and very interesting.

Also this week I went exploring! Tuscany in general is really hilly, not so much Florence, but Sesto is. So, on Wednesday morning, prior to class, I went out for a run into the hills. It was beautiful! Breath taking! I will take a camera out and take photos, it was just gorgeous. It was worth every mile and every step! I love living in Sesto!

This is just a brief update! More to come…like within the next 20 minutes or so! It will be about PISA!



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