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May 22nd 2009
Published: May 22nd 2009
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Due to Giro De Itali “Italy’s Tour De France” was ending in the town of Riggamore we were up and on the road by 7 AM. Oh bye the way Lance Armstrong is riding in the Giro De Italy so Tour de France is looking good Lori!!!!!!!!. Spectators were already lining the road for the bike races. We drove pretty much up and over the mountain to the Autostrada and headed to Florence. We were in Florence by 10:30 AM and trying to find our way to the Centro, missed our turn, werer lost and the phone rang. It was Hedi and Bill they were in Karlsruhe with Sven and Eva. I ask them to call back in 30 minutes, were trying to find parking spot. Ok, Kirsten found the Centro and she found a parking spot; is she good or what? We packed up and headed to toward the Duomo. We stopped in to see if Dante and Leonardo were in but they were gone for the summer. I Took lots of pictures, at this time I would like to stop and thank Clayborn (my brother ) for letting us use his very nice camera. Hope you’re doing well; we’ve lit a few candles in the Duomo’s and prayed for you to have a full recovery.

Hedi and Bill called back, it was good to hear from them and they are having a great time in Karlsruhe. Kirsten talked with them and told all we’ve done and where we were going.

Isn’t technology great?

We made our way to the market area and found lunch. We had a very good Tuscan pork sandwich and beer. It was soooo good. After lunch we made our way toward market that had all the purses, you know we came to Florence so Kirsten could get a new purse. Yep, that’s why we’re here. I sat by the Duomo and she went shopping. I continued to take pictures and met a photographer from NY that was here photographing a wedding for a couple getting married. Hmmmmm…… what a life.

Ok, Kirsten is back and she is smiling; I think she got what she was looking for. I was right which means were off to the next city.

We found a hotel in Carpi outside of Modena it was an old resident turned into a hotel. As we were looking for a place to eat we stumbled upon a piazza that had a fabulous pizzeria. We had a delicious pizza and beer. We were stuffed, we walked back and jumped on the internet and posted to the blog. Once we finished we planned the next day to Verona (Romeo and Juliet's) hangout and the Trento region. What a day we were very tired and fell asleep.

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