Uffizi and Dinner in Piazza del Carmine

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January 23rd 2007
Published: January 23rd 2007
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Today we went to a market recomended by Sabine in the morning. Got some nice things and beautiful picnic lunch. Then we toured the Uffizi and got a little nicely lost on the way to dinner. Robyn got her hair cut at a local salon. We had an amazing dinner at a place recomended by Robyn's Mom's friend Chiaki in Piazza del Carmine.

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Bike shotBike shot
Bike shot

I know you like Bike shots Andy, so this one's for you
Olives at the marketOlives at the market
Olives at the market

This one is for you Mom.
Me at the UffiziMe at the Uffizi
Me at the Uffizi

I found the best Butt.
Robyn in Piazza CarmineRobyn in Piazza Carmine
Robyn in Piazza Carmine

Had a little too much Grappa.

26th January 2007

Thanks for the photo of olives, Matt, I love it!!!! Mom
11th February 2007

Hello, from a fellow travelblogger! I'm going to be traveling to Italy in a month or two and was wondering if you could give me some advice on getting around. I want to see...well, everything...and thought that a train pass would be easiest. The only one I've seen offers just three days within two months - I'll be in Italy for a week and want to travel more than that! I'm also a student. Any advice? Email: travel_goddess@hotmail.co.uk
7th March 2007

getting around Italy
Hello, We had a great time in Italy. But if you're only going to Italy I've read that buying a Eurail Pass isn't worth the money. It's more worth it if you're going on long train rides between countries. The best advice I can possibly give you is to get the Rick Steve's book on Italy. He's the best at helping American's get aroud practically in Europe. I thought he was just for old people when I was younger becaue my grandparents followed his books and show, but when it came time for doing my own research on Europe, I found his guides the most comprehensive and helpful. And a guide book is really worth the money. As he puts it, a guidebook is a $30 investment for a $3000 trip. So my adivce to you is to take the train around, you'll see the countryside, but not to worry about getting a Eurail pass if you're just staying in Italy.

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