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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti April 28th 2018

3 lovely towns in Chianti today....Castellina, Radda, and Gaiole. Not sure which one I like better. Each is SO different. Castellina, the old town with Etruscan tombs. Bones of St Faustino in the church. Of course some tourist shops but not crowded. Least crowds we've seen have been in these 3 chianti towns and Certaldo Alta. Radda seemed to be the "wealthiest" and newer of the towns. The town was smaller than Castellina (by my eyes) and I loved it. Very quiet. Gaiole was where we sat to.have Pranzo. Soooo more food pix below!! For mike and I...a chicken/olive/tomato stew...sort of cacchiatore-like. This was the first time we've seen whole grain brown bread in Tuscany. Delish. I regret not taking a pic. Pamela had the regional spinach ravioli with funghi sauce. Alex had the strangest thing ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti October 3rd 2012

hello i do know that lots of you are on holidays so im writing this for anyone who reads it okay we have been doing lots TUSCANY our hotel rocks we are friends with two italian kids that dont even speak our language! its pretty cool and we have a pool we have been swimming in which is very fun we also have new toys like two new bows which im very happy about :):):):):) DAY 3 FLORENCE the town where leonardo da vinci once lived we went to a museum we all of his gadgets remade including lots of interactive ones we also went to the church of saint maria or the d'omo it was massive there were also heaps of strett sellers (getting the feel of italy) and they had to completly pack up ... read more
Yep it rained in Florence
Andrews Ties - San Gimiano
How is that for a view

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti September 29th 2012

Bonjourno from Italy - well Tuscany to be exact and as I am writing this while eating dinner in an amazing restaurant in Castellina i will be brief -TUSCANY IS FANTASTIC we are thinking of out staying our visa's and moving in!!!!! This is our 3rd night in this amazing little town and we have done absolutely NOTHING!! oh except eat, drink and relax even the kids are well into it. We are staying in a Villa which was once the family home of a local family all of whom still live and own businesses in town (eating in one sisters restaurant). The villa has been conerted to apartments and as the pics show it is more than nice. Oh well off for desert love to everyone Ruth xx... read more
1st breakfast
lcuy in new dress

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti September 15th 2012

Being newcomers to this motorhoming lark we are having trouble trying to make our holidays totally work. If we were free agents and I didn’t have to go back to work we could amble our way across Europe picking and choosing our destinations as we travel. As it is work gets in the way and we still find ourselves trying to either pack too much in or find ourselves with not enough to occupy us. We read other peoples blogs and ideas come to mind but we need the time to follow their trips in Suzy. Perhaps we should have stayed longer at Lake Maggiore, the camp site was Ok, there was quite a lot to do and the weather was fine. Possibly if our last campsite could have been transported nearer to civilisation we could ... read more
Castillina in Chianti
Gaiole in Chianti
Gaiole in Chianti

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti July 7th 2012

Wine Tasting in Chianti... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti July 10th 2011

Monday 4th July We said our goodbyes to our friends who were over for the MotoGP and hit the autostrade to get to Tuscany as quick as possible. At 9am it was already roasting hot. I did start to worry as we made it to Tuscany and there were lots of industrial areas.....but after turning on to the main road for Castellina in Chianti the rolling Tuscan hills open up in front of us. Vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye can see with rustic farmhouses dotted everywhere. We had made it to Chianti Country - Heaven! Italians have a style of accommodation called Agritourismo. Were you can rent a room or an apartment on a working farm. Ours was an olive farm. They also made salami from local wide boars. We didn't get ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti September 13th 2010

Date Monday 13th September 2010 City Pisa, Italy Climate low 15c - high 17c - raining then fine Up bright and early this morning to ensure we got to the airport in plenty of time to check-in with Ryanair. We had heard plenty of horror stories and every time we mentioned that we were travelling on Ryanair we were greeted with raised eyebrows and an “Oh, good luck” comment! So we were determined to ensure we were not going to be one of those horror stories. We had to purchase another bag allowance as Ryanair only allow a 15kg limit per bag and we had ‘a little bit more’ than that, with our 2 bags sitting at around 45kgs. We were carrying an extra bag just for this purpose so had rearranged the luggage the night ... read more
Lush vineyards and olive groves
J and J on top of the tower - San Gimignano
Exploring San Gimignano

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Castellina in Chianti May 21st 2010

Friday, May 21st: found my mom abandoned, standing by herself on the side of the roadThis was going to be a very exciting day for my dad…a dream come true!!! We woke up to another glorious and sunny morning, and went down to the neighborhood coffee bar for our regular sustenance. We had to catch the train into Florence to meet our Vespa tour guides!!! We were advised to meet at 9:30 in front of the McDonalds, which was in front of the Santa Maria Novella train station. Since we arrived early, we took advantage of using their bathroom, and got another espresso from the annex called McCafe…a very fancy café that served yummy coffee drinks and gourmet pastries…I know what you are thinking…gourmet and McDonalds? Well in Europe, it’s true! The seating looks like you ... read more
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vespa 1
vespa 2

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