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October 3rd 2012
Published: October 3rd 2012
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hello i do know that lots of you are on holidays so im writing this for anyone who reads it okay we have been doing lots


our hotel rocks we are friends with two italian kids that dont even speak our language! its pretty cool and we have a pool we have been swimming in which is very fun we also have new toys like two new bows which im very happy about 😊😊😊😊😊


the town where leonardo da vinci once lived we went to a museum we all of his gadgets remade including lots of interactive ones we also went to the church of saint maria or the d'omo it was massive there were also heaps of strett sellers (getting the feel of italy) and they had to completly pack up when the police came by (but then once they were gone they set it up all over again i loved it


san gimiano was one of my favorites there were towers everywhere there was also a torture museum in there but i wasnt alowwed to go in there because it was too scary and there was also a tower we walked up


wow venice was amazing it had rivers all trough and and alleways but no cars at all it was like a maze (and we found out how when we got lost when we had to find the train) it took two hours on a really fast train but it was worth it we went on a gondala ride for a hundred Euros and i bought some hats yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


ahh i love to rest and play and read and write and well stuff i gotta eat some food so goodbye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3rd October 2012

Hat Obsessions!
Nothing wrong with an healthy hat obsession - Zac and Mossy think they look great!

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