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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo May 24th 2022

It is fair to say that we enjoyed our time in Sicily and saw many amazing things as it is an arceiological paradise that we will tell you about, but in our opinion, Sicily needs a coat of love and care, a bit of paint and have the garbage picked up sooner. Now, before you simply move on to another blog or just take a peak at our pictures, we implore you to read the entire blog because overall, we experienced a roller coaster relationship with this province of Italy and we’d like to tell you why. Sicily is a hard one for us to describe as we didn’t fall in love with it the way we have other parts of Italy. Sicily has a tough veneer and is a bit dingy in places. But not ... read more
Colorful streets in Catania
Evening in Ragusa
Fish and Lemons

Europe » Italy » Sicily April 22nd 2022

Sicilia in spring. Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Romans, British, French, ... are the cultures that left there mark in the island. Nice people, tasty food and great wines... What else can we ask? I want to come back. ... read more
Siracusa - Ortigia
Siracusa - Ortigia

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Scicli December 27th 2021

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Palermo October 14th 2021

It is long ago that you have read from us. But we used the situation in the world to first take intensive care of our company. And then we took the chance to explore more our own country where we live in. So, just be the end of last year we finally hopped on a flight again since a loooong time and charged our batteries in Siciliy, the amazing island in the south of Italy. If you want to get more infos about Switzerland, if you want to see some off-the-beaten-path experiences in Switzerland we warmly invite you to subscribe to our brandnew youtube-chanel . Here we have weekly vlogs about our live in Switzerland: places we visit, practical things you need to know living/traveling in Switzerland and much more coming up in the next months. ... read more
the coast in Syracusa
Cathedral of Palermo
cactus fruit - delicious treat in Sicily

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa August 30th 2021

'Inspector Montalbano' is my favourite Italian TV series and was based on novels written by Andrea Camilleri. Many of the scenes were filmed in Ragusa. Vigata was the fictional Italian town where the TV series was based. The novels were translated into more than thirty languages and the TV fiction was followed in 65 countries all over the world. From 1999, the Montalbano series were filmed in the alleys of Ragusa, the squares of Ibla, the Hyblean Gardens, the Trabacche Cave and the Castle of Donnafugata My mum and I used to watch the programme together on BBC 4, a British channel. It would start at 9pm on Saturday nights. The film provoked us into talking about aspects of both 'Sicilian' and 'Italian' society. The one we talked most profoundly about was the portrayal of women ... read more
L'Odore Della Notte (2002)
Il Circolo di Conversazione which is featured in many episodes
Santa Maria delle Scale featured in l Cardellino e il Gatto (2011)

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa August 22nd 2021

Location : Piazza Pola This was the police station or Il commissariato throughout the series. It is located next to San Giuseppe church. REFERENCES You tube : La Sicilia dei 'Luoghi del Commissario Montalbano' Ragusa, by Antonio Trifiletti. Watched 19 August 21... read more
San Giuseppe church today located on Piazza Pola

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa August 21st 2021

Location : Corso XXV Aprile Montalbano drives down this road during episodes REFERENCES You tube : La Sicilia dei 'Luoghi del Commissario Montalbano' Ragusa, by Antonio Trifiletti. Watched 19 August 21... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa August 19th 2021

Locations: ●Santa Maria delle Scale ●Marina di Ragusa e dintorni Episode: Gatto e Cardellino 2002 : The Goldfinch and the Cat. Plot: Salvo has two cases to solve in this episode. The first relates to a scooter rider who is mugging elderly ladies on their way to church. Montalbano investigates when a series of mysterious muggings in Vigata ends in murder. The second relates to the disappearance of a gynaecologist who has got more than hands-on with a patient. He discovers an unexpected connection to an incident in which a father embarked on a destructive rampage in a hospital emergency room and then finds a further link to the disappearance of a doctor who is presumed to be dead. THEMES ■Montalbano REFERENCES ■ ■Noticeboard outside of Giardini Iblei ... read more
Marina di Ragusa on an August evening
Marina di Ragusa during August day time
Marina di Ragusa on an August day

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa August 18th 2021

Via Giardino where Livia takes the bus from in 'L' altro capo del filo.' REFERENCES You tube : La Sicilia dei 'Luoghi del Commissario Montalbano' Ragusa, by Antonio Trifiletti. Watched 19 August 21... read more

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