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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli August 18th 2017

Issy's arm's still very sore, so she decides to pass on today's tour to climb Stromboli. I wait anxiously for her to give me this morning's breakfast order. I've been having nightmares about trying to smuggle a bowl of cereal, a plate of bacon and eggs and four pieces of toast out of the breakfast room without anyone noticing, and these usually end with me being carted off by the police. Thankfully this morning's order is only for a couple of croissants. Despite its apparent simplicity I hear someone walking behind me as I leave, and panic. Fortunately it's just another guest. I set off down the hill to the port. First stop is the supermarket where I stock up on water and energy bars. The tour company told us that we had to bring our ... read more
Sulphur stained island offshore from Panarea

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli May 14th 2015

Taormina to Ortigia We had a short trip to the Aeolian island of Lipari. (Lipari is a small island which is easily navigated in a day or two. The volcanic chain is punctuated by the puffs coming from the nearby Stromboli and Vulcano islands. ) Back on the mainland, we headed straight to Taormina a rather ritzy place perched spectacularly on the cliff tops. We caught the local bus up to a small village Castelmola. The 3 euro return fare was terrific value for the great views and rather hair raising experience; narrow roads and hardly any room to pass approaching cars. Wines in an authentic antico/cafe on the square right at the top helped us wait for our return bus. The main street of Taormina is chock full or tourists but if you can bear ... read more
Baroque buildings ortigia
Roger in Ortigia
market seller ortigia

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli August 28th 2012

Saturday 25 August 2012 (Lisa) We left Lipari on Friday after Gill and Samuel had done a monstrous 400 metres dingy ride first thing with no outboard, so it was pure Duncan oar power and then this was proceeded by a 2k run as they thought they were late for the dinghy engineer, only to find that we were running in Turkish time and it was actually one hour early! The two boys then treated themselves to a breakfast of grapes and water while they waited, although the shop keeper wanted to charge them 5 euros for a small bunch of grapes! We must work harder on our tan and Italian. We then motored a short distance to the most magical island of Salina. After a few attempts to anchor as ... read more
Narrow streets of Salina
Approaching Stromboli

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli August 27th 2012

(Samuel) Daddy got stung by a jelly-fish on the bum. Italian ice-cream is yummy. Samuel’s record speed is 8.9 knots. We saw a Shipwreck with French people Daddy fell off the passerelle.... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli July 17th 2012

Geo: 38.8024, 15.2379Stromboli - one of the main reasons for visiting the Aeolian Islands, beyond checking out some place new in Sicily, was to see this volcanic island, the only permanently active one in the Aeolians. Scores of tourists visit every day on tours, so like two sheep we followed the others on one of the typical Panarea and Stromboli tours, offered by several different companies in Lipari.Though the beaches we visited in the islands were nothing special, the Aeolians do offer some truly spectacular swimming spots and postcard-quality photo opps. Supposedly there are some nice sandy beaches somewhere, but our stops have been at pebbly or black volcanic sand beaches, or at spots where the shore was dominated by large boulders. Aesthetics aside, the water is still wonderfully refreshing, especially on a hot summer day.But ... read more
Near the Archaeological Museum
Poor Lil Pooch ...
Pretentious ...

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli July 13th 2012

It was 34°C with 100% humidity on the day we decided to climb the volcano. Fortunately the guided trek doesn't leave until around 6.00 p.m., by which time the temperature had dropped to 33.9°C and the humidity was about 150%!!! Are we really going to do this?? Yes, of course we are! The volcano in question is Stromboli. The furthest north of our favourite Aeolian Islands. It is 918 mts above sea level and we were going to climb every single one of them. That is, of course, just the tip of the volcano as all the rest is under the sea - all 1700 mts of it. It is positioned over the Eurasian tectonic plate and not far from where the African and Eurasian plates collide. It is also probably the most active volcano in ... read more
Tsunami Warnings
View from Stromboli to Strombolicchio
Crossing the Volcano

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli August 13th 2010

A visit to the Aeolian island Stromboli. Stromboli is a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the north coast of Sicily, containing one of the three active volcanoes in Italy. Stromboli is remarkable because of the length of time in which it has been in almost continuous eruption. For at least the last 20,000 years the same pattern of eruption has been maintained, in which explosions occur at the summit craters with mild to moderate eruptions of incandescent volcanic bombs at intervals ranging from minutes to hours. Getting to Stromboli wasn't all that easy. From mainland Sicily it was first by hydrofoil to the Island of Lipari. And from Lipari it is another 2 hours to Stromboli. On the island there are amazing views to the other aeolian islands. And of course, a great view ... read more
Lipari Church
Lipari cafe
Hydrofoil Lipari

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli September 15th 2009

Day 500 !!!!(24/8/09) After a hearty Italian breaky (concious of the potential for addiction to Italian coffee) we set off on foot to the Caputchin Catacombs. Home to 8000 Palmerians bodies. The catacomb was initially filled with Caputchin Monks in 1599 and soon became burial choice for professionals, priests, men, woman and children. The body's were preserved by one of three methods, 1) Injection (which is believed to be the technique used for the best preserved and most famous 'Sofia" little girl), 2) Dipping in Arsnic or Lime or 3) most commonly straining for eight months in a cell and then washed in vinegar before being exposed to the air. Dressed in their Sunday best it is an amazing and unforgetable sight! From here we got the bus to Monreale, home to the 12th century Duome ... read more
Mosaic at Monreale
Noah's Ark
Monreale Cathedral

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli December 2nd 2006

Gabriel was pissed off that morning. Indeed. The boss was in a rotten mood, and the morning messages at the office did not raise the latter’s spirits. That damn favourite planet of his, the same he spent so much energies and hopes for the future on, even one of his own kids, was a fatiguing and not at all rewarding effort. Just an endless cry of complaints and little common sense. He ended up summoning His own private rainman, Count Negroni, who prescribed a biblical treat of the deadly concoction bearing the same name, and now God was hangover and prone to disaster. ‘Gabriel!!!’ the supreme had called ‘The measure is full. Which is another way to say that I am fucking tired of these humans. Go and announce: I’ll be back, with a vengeance’. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Stromboli August 26th 2006

We arrived in Stromboli early afternoon after a six hour journey from Palermo by hydrofoil (which included a gelati stop in Salina - well, we did have to change boats and it seemed a perfect opportunity to sample the local ice cream)! I was already feeling a bit apprehensive about the climb that evening after seeing the sheer size of the volcano in front of me. Our first stop was a well earned lunch - ferry travel does make you very hungry! We had a delicious meal at a great local restaurant overlooking the sea. Specialities included arancini (deep fried rice balls with all sorts of delicious fillings - spinach, meat etc), tomato and mozzarella filled paninis (with very hard crusty bread - you had to work for your food), Sicilian style salads with Mediterranean vegetables, ... read more
Our first view of the volcano
The food

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