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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa September 23rd 2019

If you’re planning a health retreat, Italy shouldn’t be at the top of your list. They just live far too well here. That is what we have found on the first few days of our Sicilian escape. There is the food and wine … and well … I guess it’s mainly the food and wine. But who cares about waist lines when there is gelati, pizza and vino? From Malta we caught a flight to Catania. Just 40 minutes they said. I’ve never caught such a short flight. It left on time and I was confident that I’d be swimming in our pool that evening. Well, no, the hire car company put an end to that. Two hours of delay because we had to wait in line and negotiate about insurance and excesses because they wanted ... read more
Ragusa Gardens
Overlooking our valley

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa September 5th 2018

Happy birthday David! 8:30 departure this morning as we had quite a bit of driving today. Our first section, as he headed to the UNESCO World Heritage listed site of Villa Romana del Casale, took around 2 hours. Michele used this opportunity, when he has us as a captured audience, to give us really interesting facts and stories about Sicily or the next site we are heading to. Villa Romana del Casale is located in Piazza Armenia and is a large and elaborate Roman villa that was constructed in the first quarter of the 4th century AD on the remains of an older villa. The whole structure was covered by a landslide and floods and was abandoned in the 12th century AD, and remained this way for the next 700 years. Excavations have revealed one of ... read more
These men fighting were almost life size
The gymnasium - women in bikinis!
Beautiful Modica

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa March 29th 2018

Thursday March 29, 2018 - Another early day starting before 7am. I got on the road at 8:15 and didn’t arrive in Ragusa until almost 11am, with one bathroom/gas stop. It was my first time filling up here, and I was only just under half full. Part of me wanted to see if I could make the whole trip on one tank, but the other part decided it wouldn’t be worth getting stuck on the side of the road to find out. I wasn’t sure what to do, but a guy came up to me right away and asked if I wanted to do it myself or if he should do it. I said I’d do it, but he still helped me figure out how to charge it to my card, which was nice. It’s a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa August 23rd 2017

We decide that today we will drive to the ancient hilltop town of Ragusa which is about an hour and a half's drive south west of Siracusa. First stop is the garage to retrieve our little car. We manage to navigate our way off Ortigia and then hit a traffic jam. We did a lot of homework this morning on how to get from Ortigia to the motorway. This relied on us passing the very prominent Siracusa Pantheon, which is a very distinctive large round building. We reach the point where we should be next to it, but now we can't see it. We can see it from everywhere else in Ortigia and Siracusa, but apparently not when we're right next to it. I wonder how this can be. The only possible explanation I can think ... read more
Church of San Giacomo, Giardini Iblei, Ragusa Ibla
Giardini Iblei, Ragusa Ibla
Piazza Duomo, Ragusa Ibla

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa May 24th 2017

We have four nights in our current accommodation, a house in the country. Our hosts live in a house next door, the brother next to them, and there is another brother somewhere else (the one we spoke to on the phone). We are in a farming area on the outskirts of Modica. After a relaxing start we decided to do some washing. So far the machines we have used have a short wash cycle. The quite new one we have here does not appear to have such luxuries. We download a manual in English but that doesn’t really help. We load up, press some buttons and it’s away. After an hour there doesn’t seem to be much progress. We wait a while longer and still no progress. We seek help from Mama with the assistance of ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa September 26th 2011

Day 5 Up bright and early and down to the restaurant in the villas for breakfast as we didn't have time last night to stop and get any groceries. As usual it was the Italian way for breakfast but alot more than in Florence. Fresh pasterie's, meats, cheeses and lots of fruit. Capo's to start the morning and it was time to program Bonnie get on the road to Ragusa for our first day. Weather today is 25 and chance of rain. Wondered into Ragusa and found the car park and started the walk up into the town center and up to the Piazza. First stop one of the many churches along the way. As we where in the church the rain started and rain it did, slow at first and then it picked up steam. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa April 1st 2009

Fortunately, the weather forecasters in Italy are no more accurate than our own back home. Monday was supposed to be cloudy but we did not see one all day - unless you want to count those ones hovering around the peak of Mount Etna, and they were probably the result of steam from snow melting on lava. We had hoped to climb the lower foothills of Etna and hike around her horizontally but the snow on Sunday made that idea ludicrous even for Canadians trying to escape winter. We drove up, anyway, to see what we could see: snowplows, snowboarders, chairlifts, etc. We ate an early lunch, or perhaps it was second breakfast, in the car in the parking lot of the little ski hill. The sun warmed the car. We got some good photos of ... read more
Roman Mosaic 1
Roman Mosaic 2
Tile Scene, Caltigirone

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa October 7th 2008

After leaving Noto in the morning, I drove to Ragusa... read more
Pictures 084
Pictures 085
Pictures 086

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