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Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia December 27th 2021

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia August 14th 2016

Blog 3 – The Guymers at Bourg d’oisans in the Rhone Alps (near Grenoble France) and then onto Chamonix, Sardinia and Geneva The mighty journey continues and of course the boys by now had developed a taste for their favourite food. Lucas became a baguette fan, Liam just drank litres and litres of 'nilk' and Flynn ate any chocolate that was available. Across the week the Bike Culture riding outfit was spotted a few times as our houseful of riders attacked the Alpe d’Huez mountain climb that is regularly part of the Tour de France. Tim and Jodie, Carla, Scott and Adele all managed the13 kilometers, climbing approx 1,000 meters vertically via 21 hairpin bends. The climb is relentless and when the riders reach the final bend the headwinds usually start. At this point they are ... read more
Liam with his favourite "Nilk" - he drank his way around Europe
Yummmm says Flynn - Nutella and almonds on a gallette (gluten free crepe)
Views across the switchbacks of the Alp Duez near Bourg d'oisans

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia May 14th 2014

Geo: 40.9225, 9.48685 GÜN 14 GÜNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA: Hiçbir gereği yokken ,nedense erken uyanıyoruz.. 08:30 da yola çıktık Öğlene doğru Olbia'ya vardık. Biraz foto,biraz vitrin, biraz yemek yaptık. Olbia ,Sardinya adasının kuzeydoğusunda ,ticaret merkezi ve besin endüstrisinin yoğun olduğu, çok eski, antik bir şehirdir. Arkeolojik kalıntılara göre, bizim Fenikeliler tarafından kurulduğu anlaşılmaktadır. Ama şehrin ismi antik Grek asıllı olup Grek kolonicilerin de bu eski şehirde yerleştiklerine işaret etmektedir. Sonra Kartacalılar eline geçmiştir. M.O 236 da tüm Sardinya ile birlikte ,antik Romalıların eline geçmiştir. Olbia antik Roma döneminde önemli bir deniz limanı olmuştur. Batı Roma İmparatorluğu 4. yy da çöktükten sonra Olbia uzun süreli bir düşüş yaşamıştır. ... read more
Olbia selfisi

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia October 6th 2013

If you saw Day one of this year’s Tour De France bike race you will recall that one of the first stages ended in the city of Calvi on the island of Corsica. This is where we started day 5 of the cruise and everything has been very good so far – today was no exception. The weather is still fine, with low to mid 20 degree temperatures. Our excursion was to some of the islands interesting villages. The first two were in the foothills of the island’s mountains. While in the second one, perched at the top of a hill, Geoff climbed a very steep and rocky pathway to a magnificent view across the flat plain to the sea. Back on the coast, as we made our way back to Calvi, we stopped for a ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia September 21st 2013

Geo: 40.9225, 9.48685We all met at 8am, our group of 8, at the pier and after spotting our driver for the day, got in our van and headed out to explore Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy. The port city of Olbia isn't much so we went to more popular places where the rich people go. We went to several small resort villages where the Arabs and rich Europeans spend their summers, sitting on their grand yachts and comparing each others boats to see whose is bigger or fancier. The homes here cost as much as €25k per sq meter. The shopping center we visited is not so busy now that the season is over but it's pricey. Gucci, Versace, Rolex and Armani were just some of the names. I managed to steer Karen ... read more
The stores here
Just walking around

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia September 20th 2013

Geo: 40.9225, 9.48685Mom had her nail appointment this morning at 8 so she left early. I went up to the pool, grabbed a coffee and worked on the blog until she was finished. Then we got a light breakfast, went to sign up for a kitchen tour that never happened because we were in the wrong room and then went down to the computer room so I could download pictures for the blog. Mom got on the regular ship computer to check email and got so engrossed in Queenie stuff that she used up 75 minutes just like that. Then we did some errands (yes, even on the ship).We took it easy today. Mom had a lot on her mind. We ate dinner later that night, went to a show and then up to the Crow's ... read more
Dragon fruit

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia May 26th 2011

I do believe this is the first blog entry which touches upon Italy, and though I am no stranger to either the nation, its culture, or indeed the ins and outs of Italian language, this was the first foray to Sardinia proper. The first port of call on this multi-leg journey was the Spa town of Sardara, where a spa bathe was abandoned in favour of lunch in Sardara town. Further towards the first hotel location, the town of Siniscola provided a snapshot of small-town Sardinian life, and also enabled us to stock up on essential provisions which were to last the rest of the week. The setting for the first hotel stay was the north-eastern town of Olbia, and a perfect base from which to sample the delights of the island's Emerald Coast. The centrally-located ... read more
Island's chief town

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia September 21st 2009

After a comfortable night on the car ferry, we arrived at Porto Torres in Sardinia. We drove for two hours to reach the North-West town of Olbia. Just north of the town was Camping Cugnana, where we were staying in an on site cabin. The kids were impressed with the pool and headed straight there for a swim. At 5pm we drove 20minutes along the coast to Porto Cervo, where Polly and Mike were based for the Rolex Maxi Cup sailing regatta with the owner. We checked out the very impressive boat and were taken to the crews beach party. Everything was laid on and Indi, Polly and I even got to dance to the band. Over the next two days Matt went on board for one of the race days and then we all ... read more
Captain Wilson
Watching the racing
Jarah wakeboarding

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia August 8th 2009

Howdy y’all, Nemo here. A lot has happened in a so I’m going to try and keep it so that doesn’t become brain-achingly painful to read. Here goes... We went back to Mazury for Ciocia Malgosia’s 50th, meeting a whole heap of people from all over the place. What a group of people. I was introduced to friends of the family, relatives both close and distant, and I waffled on in my nearly unintelligible Polish and they laughed and we all got along like a house on fire, both young and old. The person I got along best with was Konrad, a best friend of Dominika’s. He is currently finishing his PhD in econometrics, so he’s a pretty smart dude, and generally views the world in pretty much the same way I do. We drank a ... read more
We're Going Where?
Oh Okay, I'll Carry You
First Night's Bed

Europe » Italy » Sardinia » Olbia September 29th 2006

Geo: 40.6975, 9.54927A lazy morning today. Going to catch 15:40 bus to Olbia and then the night ferry to Civitavecchia. I could go earlier, but I would be stuck in Olbia until 23:00 with nothing to do. Why not just stay here and admire the beach, instead? I made full use of the 10:30 checkout time. Read, packed, and planned the next phase of the trip. Breakfast was a banana and some things from a pastry shop. A macaroon and some kind of tart filled with a sweet egg mixture. Both were forgettable. Also had little biscotti with icing and sprinkles - terrible! Finally got a haircut. Yes!!!! My hair was really irritating me .... my fro would tickle my ears whenever the wind blew or I turned my head. I was so happy after that ... read more

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