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August 8th 2013
Published: August 8th 2013
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We headed to Torino down a different route, every bit as beautiful the other roads we have travelled in this area. We arrived at our hotel, our home for the next eleven nights, around 12. Said goodbye to Emily, Jemima and Erin, who will head home in a couple of days from Milan, and checked in. Once unpacked, I sat in the lounge in the foyer and caught up on e-mails etc while waiting for the rest of the team to arrive. At around 3.30, 6 of us headed in to registration via the metro. Found our way a with a bit of help from a local and joined the line. Dad and John got taken off to the officials line and were done a little quicker than us. Despite the line looking long it did not take long to get our passes, backpacks and t-shirts. We then joined the transport line which was a lot slower because everyone was asking for directions to this and that. We eventually got our free metro tickets and then went to the softball table. Dad got the draw and all our sport books and we went in to the park to wait door the others.

While in the park we checked out our backpacks and information. Backpack contents: t-shirt, risotto rice, coffee, hand sanitiser. That was it for me, the others got Gatorade, deodorant, biscuits and more. The information gave us more questions than answers as we tried to work out where we played, how we would get there and the draw! We decided to go back in and ask, with Dad and John talking to the softball folk and Helen and I to the transport desk. We then became the annoying people asking for directions, but now we knew why they were doing it before! A little wiser we went back to the park only to discover that they were closing the registration centre and there were a lot of unhappy people waiting at the gate. The rest of the team didn't make it in time but met us in the park. We decided that the blokes, Kevin, John and Dad, should go to the softball function and meeting while the rest of us would head back to the hotel and find some dinner. We got off the tram a couple of stops too early so we had to walk back.

The receptionist told us there was a pizza parlour round the corner so the ten of headed round there. I think the owner was about to close up as it was after 9.30 but he happily set up a table for us. We ordered pizza to share and wine. He also served us gelati for dessert. It was a fun night and it only cost us 8 euro 50 each.


8th August 2013
Pizza mmmm

Support from Oz
Looking forward to the game results and pics

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