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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea August 14th 2015

I would rate Italy the top choice to travel in Europe. you don't need to scratch your head to long to come up with a bunch of places in Italy, Rome, Napoli, Florence, Pisa, Venezia, Milan....the list can go on, even Turin would count as off the track destination. Then...what is Ivrea? ever heard of Vico Canavese? well...I got myself into a work exchange for stay program and got the chance to spend a few days in this quiet mountain region, dotted with many lovely village, they are with a small town square, a church with bell tower, cobble alley and medieval stone arc passage. But my main object is to experience the life in a farm, as a city folk, the most heavy job for me should be to reinstall the water bottle for the ... read more
typical Italian village

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea September 29th 2012

Ciao belli ragazzi, Well tomorrows the big day of my move to Feltre!! Spent my last week in Ivrea eating cake, cake and more cake with Jo (the housekeeper) really going to miss both her and Adri who comes in the afternoons, as we all keep each other sane and cover for each other if needs be. Jo even bought me a little leaving present, which was really nice of her. Went to Balla with Jo twice this week and had the ‘Torta 900’ again, it’s soooo good. If I had discovered it 5 months ago when I first moved here I would definitely be morbidly obese by now. Looking forward to a new area, new people and new challenges. Although I did Google Street Map my new address and found that it’s in the middle ... read more
Via Palestra
Crazy Orange roundabout

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea September 23rd 2012

Hello England, Hope everyone's had a good week, just want to say well done to my bff Sau Fun Kans on completing a 10k charity run this morning. This week has been busy for me, had to take the cleaner to the Italian equivalent of A&E on Monday morning as she had a really bad type of flu, then spent the rest of the week doing the cleaning for her. I'll tell you something the Italian NHS is just as bad as in England, they left her lying on a bed in a corridor for hours, luckily she seems to be getting better now. This weekend all I've done is visit the extended Italian family. Yesterday (Saturday) we had lunch at the parents of the mum and today we had lunch at the mum of the ... read more
The legendary 'Torta 900'

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea September 2nd 2012

Hello World, Well it's been a rainy week in Ivrea and four weeks today I'll be on the train to Feltre! This week I went to a patisserie called 'Balla,' which is quite famous because of a chocolate cake they created called the 'Torta 900!' (Probably not as menacing as it sounds). I had a selection of 4 little cakes, which were delicious. I was going to take a photo for you all to see but my phone ran out of battery, so will have to go back again another time to take a picture (the things I do for you people!), but I have included on here a picture of the wrapper my cake was in. This week I've been having some wisdom teeth problems again, so went to see The Italian's dad, as he ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea August 26th 2012

Buongiorno belle ragazze! Only 5 weeks left now in Ivrea (not that I'm counting) and as another week passes so does another carnivale. This week we had an after dark parade of horse & carts with the riders randomly dressed in their finest evening wear and today there was a parade of ye olde clothes of workers passed, accompanied by a market of all things handmade from scarfs to soap. On Friday night before we went to see the horse & cart show we went for pizza and gelato which was nice. I'll tell you something though, for a relatively small town these people sure do find a lot of shit to celebrate. Here's some pics of the horses, apologies for the blurryness as I turned the flash of so as not to scare the horses... ... read more
Who's a pretty pony?

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea August 19th 2012

Well all it's 6 weeks today till I move to Feltre for familglia numero due, Can't believe that this time last week I was on my way back from London, feels like months ago now. It was Margherita's birthday this week so we had a little dinner party for her. What I found really strange was that the parents and grandparents also gave presents to the other girls, I guess so they didn't feel left out. But the real world isn't fair, so they should probably get used to it now to be honest as it will save on all the dissapointment in later life! I was also treated to a cheeky little mid-week day-off on Wednesday as it was some kind of Italian holiday called Ferragosto or Assumption Day. Can't say I did a lot ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea July 7th 2012

Hello all, Well another week has passed and in Ivrea we had some crazy horse celebration for one of the Patron Saints. There was a little horse show and some fireworks (check out the pics!) which have been going on for the last 4 days. Found out that I will be spending this Christms in Hong Kong with my dad, sister, Wendy and Jessica. So excited, hurry up December!! I've never been before and I can't wait to see the sites and hit the shops. Tomorrow morning (at some ungodly hour) I will be leaving for my 3 week vacanza with the Italian fam, starting with an epic 8 hour journey in the car to Trieste! I really hope the kids sleep the whole time, although I have a feeling they are going to be wide ... read more
Brazilian Horses
Hold your horses
Crazy horse

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea July 1st 2012

Ciao amici, Well it's been 8 weeks now and I've completed my first week alone with all 3 girls!! At the start of the week I was having a bit of a rough time, the mum was on my case wanting me to speak more with the girls, but they sometimes didn't want to talk with me because they were tired or wanted to watch tv, etc. So I spoke to her about some problems I was having and it seems to be okay now. Yesterday I had to spend the whole morning alone with the youngest one who I think wants to kill me and I was absolutely dreading it because she never talks to me, constantly cries and looks herself in her bedroom! (Where's Super Nanny when you need her?!) But we actually had ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea June 24th 2012

Hello everyone!! Well it's 7 weeks down now and I've had another action packed week. This week was the first week of the summer holidays, but luckily the mum was off this week as well to help break me into it. On Tuesday I taught a group of Italian kids how to play 'snap' and one of them asked me if I knew the queen??!! (Of course we're BFF's!!) On Friday I took on the mammoth task of climbing Mount Zerbion with the mum and two of the kids. It took us 2 1/2 hours to climb the 800 meters to the top and it was very scary. Loose rocks, snow and the heat were just some of the things we had to deal with on our climb. When we got to the top though we ... read more
At the start of the climb
Statue at the top of Mount Zerbion

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Ivrea June 17th 2012

Ciao!! Well I've been living here for 6 weeks now and this week has been full of fun! Been out the last four nights till late meeting Italian people, including a couple from Milan, luckily everyone speaks English because my Italian doesn't seem to be going anyway fast. Speaking of Italian, I started private lessons at a new school this week which is good, been learning the alphabet! I have ten hours with this new teacher, focussing on conversational italian so I can have the confidence to speak to people when out shopping or in a bar, for example. Really want to increase my vocabulary as well, so the plan starting tomorrow is to everyday read through my Italian dictionary (I'm so cool, I know!) and learn some new words. Many of you might already know ... read more

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