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July 1st 2012
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Ciao amici,

Well it's been 8 weeks now and I've completed my first week alone with all 3 girls!! At the start of the week I was having a bit of a rough time, the mum was on my case wanting me to speak more with the girls, but they sometimes didn't want to talk with me because they were tired or wanted to watch tv, etc. So I spoke to her about some problems I was having and it seems to be okay now.

Yesterday I had to spend the whole morning alone with the youngest one who I think wants to kill me and I was absolutely dreading it because she never talks to me, constantly cries and looks herself in her bedroom! (Where's Super Nanny when you need her?!) But we actually had a really good day together, we went swimming in the lake, played snap and had lunch together. We talked and laughed a lot and the mum told me in the evening that the girl told her she had a good day so I was really happy!!

Last night I stayed over with the Italian and had a super special moment this morning. I woke up before him and it was really hot so I went and sat in the garden. His parents weren't there so I fed and brushed his cat, then he woke up and told me it’s not his cat! Yeah true story!! Had to wait till he went to the toilet to hide the empty tin of cat food, felt like a right retard, that's the last time I try to do something nice for someone!

This morning he made me a cup of Harrod's English tea which was an interesting experience, first cup of tea I've had made by an Italian, was a little bit weak but not a bad effort for a first attempt. Then I had my first cup of Italian iced coffee, which is nothing like my beloved Starbucks frappuccino and was instead an espresso with ice in it, served in a glass instead of a mug! Random!

We realised that we share a mutual love of the band Queen and I had to explain what the song 'Fat Bottomed Girls' was about as he had no idea it was a song about well... girls with big bums. I also introduced him to the work of Banksy and I taught my kids how to play 'I spy...' so my mission to educate Italy in the ways of the English is still going strong.

On a more positive note school is going well and I understand how feminine and masculine endings work now which is good.

Next Sunday we leave for our 3 week vacanza and god knows If I'm going to get any internet there, need to pack but have to only take the essentials because there is only one car and 6 people! (So I'm thinking toothbrush, laptop and bikini!)

Tonight Italy play Spain in the final of the European Cup, so fingers crossed we kick some Spanish butt!!

Will write again before I leave for my hols!

Stay safe lovers...




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