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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Domodossola September 23rd 2018

We hadden een plan, twee dagen voor we vertrokken! Een roadtrip naar waar het zonnetje schijnt. We reden recht naar Zwitserland, Solalex. Alé, toch met een kleine stop in Sallenches (Frankrijk), le Vieux Campeur voor extra schoenen. Onze beste Frans werd opgepoetst! De grote slab Miroir d'Argentin stond al jaren op ons lijstje om te klimmen. Het was een lange trip naar het 5-huizen-tellend-dorp, Solalex, via kleine baantjes. Juist voor het dorp is een prachtig gelegen parking, zelfs met toilet. En een groots uitzicht op de Miroir d'Argentin! Dus na enkele hectische dagen werken en rijden, waren we helemaal in form voor deze uitdaging. Aan mijn conditie werd nog hard gewerkt dankzij de tegenvaller van de zomer. Dus kozen we niet voor de moeilijkste route... 's Avonds onze rugzak gepakt en gezakt. Best wel spannend na ... read more
Miroir d'Argentin

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Domodossola October 7th 2017

Autumn was hitting Switzerland and with it coming the foggy, wet and rainy time. We love autumn when it comes to clear skyies, sun and coloured leaves. And we did have that this year a lot. But there was this specific weekend and the weatherforecast was exactly the „rainy, grey skies with lots of cold wind“. No thank you for us. As weh ad nothing planned we decided on Friday to give this weather a miss and to run towards Italy for some late summer warmth. Well, by train it takes only 1,5 hours from our hometown Thun to Domodossola, the first city after the boarder in Italy. For whatever reason we never did this short trip. Reasons enough to go! By looking for a cheap room for the night we realised that we were not ... read more
the main church on Monte Calvario
Domodossola impressions

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Domodossola September 9th 2017

My last 2-week camp with ACLE was up in Domodossola. Most Italians had heard of this 18,000 person town in the north of the country’s Piedmont region because when they spell things, they say ‘D as in Domodossola’. It’s also notable for being the first major rail station across the border from Switzerland. Oh, and it has a sanctuary which is a popular pilgrimage site (Sacro Monte Calvario) for Catholics. For me, Domodossola represented my dreams of being back in the cool and beautiful mountains after two weeks in Cremona’s heat. The town itself where the camp took place is actually in a valley, but it was slightly cooler than Cremona had been. I lucked out with my host family, because they stayed in an apartment in the mountains in the summer instead of in the ... read more
Village Near Santa Maria Maggiore, Piedmont
View from Camp in Domodossola

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