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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba May 3rd 2019

We drove through the rain and the mountains in France popping in and out of various tunnels through the alps until eventually we came into sunshine and Italia. As we headed for our first destination Sue called them and persuaded them to change our booking from Tuesday night to Sunday so we could stop there that night. We arrived late afternoon to agriturismo La Torricella in bright sunshine and at least 10 degrees warmer than when we left Annecy a few hours earlier. Fantastic spot above the town of Monfort D’alba this hilltop setting was perfect, with vineyard & restaurant, a favourite of Shelagh & Chris. We sat outside with a glass of their wine looking over the numerous hilltop towns. There was also a christening party which added to the ambience. After checking out we ... read more
Terrace at Monfort D’Alba
Upper Town Monfort
View of Italian hills for dinner

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba July 8th 2016

Geo: 44.7009, 8.035269th July Alba We arrived Saturday morning to find the local market filling the streets. It really added to the experience. The city square was filled with little shops selling almost everything. We went to eat at one of the best restaurants in the area..... (So we where told) that just happened to be in the town square right in front of the church. The menu was limited but it felt like you where eating at your aunts house but only with waiters and fancy plates. We stayed for coffee and watched the market stall owners pack up all of their wares. It must be a very hard job unpacking and then packing back up every day.... read more
Alba -Church
Alba - side view of church
Alba - Intersting Church

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba September 28th 2015

DAY 12 - Monday Monday morning, John went to school with the students. Desserts. Not really a lot of new ground being broken, but interesting none the less. John left about halfway through, mostly because he couldn't deal with watching his students being such disrespectful, childish jerks. All of the shenanigans, all of the acting out. Too much, so back to the hotel to spend the day relaxing. Marleah was still not doing well, cramps and just feeling bad, so we didn't do much of anything until it was time to get dinner. One of the chefs at Barilla works at a Sardinian restaurant and invited the students to check it out so a group of us went. A couple from Denver who've taken lots of classes at Cook Street and 4 others joined us. The ... read more
Dessert Day
Dessert Day
Ravioli at the Sardinian Restaurant

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba August 6th 2013

We headed into Alba after a breakfast of yoghurt, fresh hazelnuts and chocolate cake. It was another gorgeous drive. We went straight to the Ferrero Rocher factory but were not able to get a tour, there was not even a shop. There were four very disappointed young ladies! Ferrero also make Kinder and Nutella. We drove into town, parked and walked around the town of Alba. It was nice with lots of churches. We had a look in some shops and had a focaccia for lunch, as they are known for them in this region. It was very nice and the owner was happy to practice his English. When the shops opened after siesta we looked for formal dresses for Jemima and Erin. We had success for Erin but no luck for Jemima. It is very ... read more
The girls outside the Ferrero factory
One of the many churches in Alba
Focaccia for lunch

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba August 6th 2013

Packed and trudged up the hill to the car, we were all soaked by the time we got there! After some tricky manoeuvring to get the car out we headed to Genoa. As we headed up and out Erin looked out and saw a whale. We decided not to go into Genoa as it had steep, windy, narrow roads! Kept on and stopped for lunch by the sea just south of Savona at Alhissola. We had, surprise surprise, pizza and pasta, except Mum who had a salad, which she didn't like. We then headed to Bossolasco where we had booked rooms at the Bella Vista hotel due to a review on the Internet. We chose Bossolasco as it was close to Alba, the home of Ferrero Rocher, which we wanted to visit. When we drove in ... read more
The church on our piazza at Bossolasco
The Bella Vista Hotel
The quaint street to get to our hotel, the van only just made it through!

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba July 16th 2010

Niente Borgo Dora. Dzis w goracu nieziemskim wynioskam ostatnie zawiniatka i wypucowalam lazienke, choc w pokoju nadal pajeczyny zwieszaly sie z sufitu, ale wydaje mi sie, ze one nie mogly tak urosnac od lutego, kiedy ja sie wprowadzilam - musialy byc tam wczesniej. W ostatnich dniach, kiedy nad Wlochy naplynela fala goraca, zwana tu ‘afa’, norka stala sie nie do wytrzymania. Nabyla przy tym zaszczytny tytul ‘kondonorium’ = kondominium + nora. Termometr o 8 rano pokazywal 31 stopni wewnatrz, ale poniewaz poznil sie pol godziny, to zakladam, ze mogl i zanizac temperature o jakies 5 stopni. Przy okazji dowiedzialam sie o szczegolach smutnego incydentu, ktory mial miejsce na Borgo Dora jakis miesiac temu. Mieszkali wtedy w kondonorium J+M, a kiedy wrocili do Warszawy mowili, ze po domu krecilo sie mnostwo policji i smialismy sie, ze to ... read more
przyjemna okolica
Muzeum Korkociagow

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba June 18th 2010

I'm back in Rivalta to work on my favorite farm after about 2 weeks at the farm in Lake Como. (I must apologize in advance: as I learn more Italian, my english vocabulary deterriorates, so...yeah.) It was certainly an escape from reality and...I can't think of the words but like a cleansing spa experience. I ate healthy, got lots of exercise, read books, studied italian, and soaked in the beautiful surroundings. I must admit that this last week (or however long it's been) hasn't been the best. My mood is always dependent on the weather, and it was rainy and cold, combined with the unusual lack of people around and there's not much work to do in the gardens when it rains. Also, Silvana, my Italian mother, talks constantly. Before I liked it, because it helped ... read more
Italia vs. New Zealand
Stop and Smell the Roses

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba May 29th 2010

Ciao a tutti! It has been a wonderful week or so back in Italy. I've been staying with Mattia and his family in Rivalta di La Morra. I've basically been living the lazy lifestyle of 20-somethings in small Italian town. Sitting around, talking, drinking, eating, smoking (not me), going out every night, etc. We did some touristy things around Alba and Bra like visiting a corkscrew museum and the Gastronomic Science University. We also spent an entire day on the beach in Finale with his sister and another friend and I was so vigilant with the sunscreen that I didn't get a sunburn! The beaches in this area aren't the best in my opinion, but there was a beautiful view of mountains and a castle and the sand was full of beautiful sea glass which we ... read more
La vuoi?

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba August 1st 2009

I forget. Well, I forgot a few things in my last entry, but my Italian is not advanced enough to say so. And I also decided to add more... Other WWOOFers They are one of the best parts of the WWOOFing experience. You become instant friends because you can spend so much time together and you get someone to speak proper English with. On this farm I met Hennie from Finland and Tamar from Israel. I learned so much about both cultures and countries, and was able to shed some light on stereotypes of America. I forgot to say that the family loves to hear about our homes, and encourage us to cook things that we are used to eating. Hm...that's difficult since I basically make what Silvana makes. But I made lemonade, and Lori loves ... read more
Women baking

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba May 20th 2009

It’s 7 AM I’m sitting on the end of the bed, the doors are open and I’m looking out over the valley of Piedmont. Birds are singing, church bells are ringing and slight breeze is blowing. I’m writing this to ensure that I never forget this moment of closeness to god and everything around me. We ate breakfast at the B&B, and while sitting we observed an older picture. After studying we decided it represented the 7 deadly sins. We weren’t sure but we thought it was. We started where we left off on the Strada Romantica, as we visited station number nine we saw the same picture of the 7 people in different situations. Yes they represented the 7 deadly sins. It is a fresco painted at the chapel St Roco. We completed the last ... read more
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Photo 3
Photo 4

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