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Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 12th 2009

Another beautiful day in the Marche (pron mar-KAY) region of Italy. I got fried by the sun. Oops! Didnt do much today. Velia makes a lot of homemade marmalades and jams so I had them on croissants today for breakfast with tea. Lunch was pasta of course. I think thats kind of like a starter for every meal. Then we had tomatoes with olive oil, really good canned tuna, shaved mortadella (kind of like bologna), and bread of course. they have salad but only with olive oil. so i never eat it. i want to say where are the croutons and ranch dressing???? hahaha. I watched the Italian version of deal or no deal with Giulia tonight. Its super cheesy and in some of the boxes, they have a crocodile, melon, and something else. i forget. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 11th 2009

I guess I jumped from Rome to a baptism (leave it to Diane) here's the in between.... I took a bus to my village which took about 4 hours. The scenery was breathtaking as we went through a mountain and saw all of the italian countryside. I was suprised I made it off at the correct stop as the busdriver only spoke italian. I must have acted paranoid because the bus driver pointed at my stop when it was time to get off. haha. My host mother and sister picked me up and we drove about 30 minutes to their house. It is a one level stucco house in the countryside. They have a nice backyard and Velia (host mom) plants a lot of shrubs and such. The animals are outside and the cat is constantly ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 11th 2009

I forgot to mention that Vilia got the girl being baptised a diamond. just a plain .25k diamond so she can get it made into a ring/necklace/etc when she is older. crazy. and umberto, my host father, got the baby a blvgari chain thing. im sure it was a couple hundred dollars and he also got her a burberry sundress!!!! unbelievable!!!! pretty sure i didnt get that when i was baptised..... ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 11th 2009

Funny thing.....My host mother is a democrat and she is actually the democratic canidadate for mayor for her village of about 2000 people. Everytime she introduces someone to me she says that I am her Michelle Obama. So weird but funny. Hot again today, around 85 in the sun. but its breezy so in the shade it is very nice. Just laying out in the sun today. Velia said "we must get you some sun cream. You are very pale and it could be dangerous." HAAAA!!!!! Yes, I know I am white as a ghost. Ciao!... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 10th 2009

well....until tomorrow. haha It was my host cousins baptism today. which is kind of ironic because my real life nephew is being baptized today also. we left at 9am and went to the familys house about 30 min away. hung around for a few minutes and then went to the church. it was a super old church and there was first communion going on today also. the bells were ringing and everyone was rushing to get in. TONS of people coming and going. i was so confused about what was going on. eventually we got down in the church. it looked kind of like a dungeon. all brick. it was so loud everyone was talking loud as usual. the priest had a microphone and said silence please. so it got a little quieter and then he ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche March 7th 2009

Alcuni video che in viaggio non siamo riusciti a pubblicare! Enjoyy Con questo è tutto, grazie per l'ascolto!... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona September 26th 2008

I arrived in Ancona early in the morning via train. I booked it out of Trieste when I wasn’t having any luck finding a place to stay and had to change trains three different times, pretty standard. I was glad to get off the train though. First on my agenda was to find the next ferry to Split. I found the port without a problem but ran into one when the office was closed. I then went out to find a bed. I saw most of the sites while I was looking for a room, an easy thing to do. Ancona is not that big, though it gets a lot of travelers. I couldn’t help but make the connection with Anacortes. But you’ll see from the pictures, there isn’t much of a connection. A nice thing ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona June 12th 2008

Made it to Ancona today, a short trip. It was pretty uneventful all the way. We found a hotel without much of a problem. Then we thought it might be a good plan to book the ferry to Patras so off we went to the ferry terminal. The booking office for Superfast Ferries was closed. After a thunderstorm and a revisit things turned out as I expected, not going to open until tomorrow morning. The ferry sails at 13.30 tomorrow so no big deal. It is a pleasantly warm evening. I've had my second ice cream of the day, and my 4th coffee. Time for a beer or four. And, today, we are posting from the ferry to Patras. More later...... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona April 25th 2008

Well I went round the port today, and it gave every appearance of being completely deserted. Probably because it's Italian Liberation Day I think; this Irish truck driver I ran into in an Indian restaurant told me all about it, as well as many other things. He looked somewhat like my grandfather, with his nose and spectacles, but had none of his manner. He drives an eighteen wheeler around Greece, and he's in the Hell's Angels. If he is to be believed of course, but he would have gained nothing from me by lying that way. I'm now looking into staying in Corfu for a couple of nights between tomorrow and the thirtieth. Failing that I'll do day-trips to the surrounding coast. That's what I did today; just took the train to the next town over, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona April 24th 2008

So here I am in Ancona. Took the train after packing up, having a cappucco and pastry, and strolling around the area one more time. That last wasn't anything special; I didn't have time to go anywhere cool, and it was rush hour. But it was my last bit of Rome. Who knows when I'll be back there. Probably years and years from now. Weird. My hostel is about two minutes from the train station, and it seems pretty dead. This girl I ran into there, Sarah from Ontario, was stressing out because the receptionist couldn't find her reservation, but I'm pretty sure about twenty five people could have walked in without reservations and have been sure of a bed. The tiny corner of the town that I've seen has nothing in it. Tomorrow I'll figure ... read more

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