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Europe » Italy » Marche February 27th 2008

Come nei ristoranti indiani, quando ancora stai mangiando e ti vogliono portare il conto, ti chiedono, finish? Ma stavolta abbiamo finito davvero e siamo stati vittima dello sbalzo cromatico più che del jet-lag (dovrebbero avverti anche su questo...ehehe), dai colori sgargianti dell'India alle tonalità grigie del nostro inverno. Quindi per aiutarci i prossimi giorni vestitevi con colori accesi e sorrisi smaglianti Abituati alle folle immense in ogni luogo, ieri l'aeroporto e la stazione di Roma ci sembravano posti deserti! Ma abbiamo anche riassaporato il piacere di poter lavare i denti con l'acqua del rubinetto e soprattutto la carta igienica ovunque!Incredibile....non ci sembrava vero, non ci ricordavamo! Nelle ultime 2 settimane siamo stati impegnati in spostamenti lunghi per tornare a Bombay e non abbiamo avuto tempo per scrivere, ma , come le grandi star...pubblichiamo ... read more
la rana più piccola del mondo!
super moto

Europe » Italy » Marche November 20th 2007

Aspettando il visto per l'India! Visti i problemi e le paranoie per il rilascio rimandiamo per scaramanzia ogni commento ai prossimi giorni. Comunque abbiamo deciso di usare questo simpatico mezzo tecnologico per informarvi sulle nostre avventure indiane, dato che non riusciremo ad aggiornare il sito da la. Quindi per qualche mese traslochiamo qui e sarete bombardati di mail...ahahah ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Urbino October 14th 2007

Sunday, Sara had to pack coz she will be leaving to Australia when I leave for Albania! But, I was a little dizzy still and my eyes start swelling for some stupid reason!! argh.... so, slacked the morning, went to her parents' house, she cooked some pasta and just hea till Mirko came. So, deicded to see Urbino, which accidentally was their University town! So, Mirko drove me there to look around..... haaa...the town was so dead........SOSOSO dead basically, we finished walking in less than an hour! haaa, It was very medieval ...went to the hill on the other side to haev a nice view of it......=) Then, headed back to town and went to the shopping street....where there is this cool bookstore that sold many artbooks.. They had CUTIE! SPRING! NON-NO! OMG and it cost ... read more
beautiful view
some church in Urbino

Europe » Italy » Marche June 9th 2007

Viterbo Europe » Italy » Marche By LDUCA July 9th 2007 LD The Last Italian Excursion. We had a tour of the city for the morning, but then we were free to do as we pleased. After some shopping, Adriana and I finally accomplished what we set out to do that entire trip: have a lunch OUTDOORS at a cafe where we can just sit, relax and people watch. It was the best lunch I had in all of Italy. We split a Caprese salad and a Bombe (which was basically a donut with nutella). But our drinks came with all the lil appetizers and bread. We were stuffed! and we got caffe freddo! It was delicious. Then we went to the Terme, which are basically hot springs. Only thing though, they had sul... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche June 6th 2007

So, they told us to wear comfortable clothes -- so for me: jean skirt, sandals, the typical. Oh no. Bad Idea. We go truffle hunting, and with our luck (as with every day) it rained. So we are trekking up this muddy muddy hill (definitely a hill compared to the Sibillini) to find this delicacy: il tartufo. If there is one thing I am going to teach the world, it is that truffles are MUSHROOMS. The chocolate truffle is made to looking like the mushroom. So, we were hunting for the mushroom, not the piece of candy. After we came back down from the hunting site (thanks to the rather tall gentleman with the huge blue umbrella -- who helped me down the hill under the umbrella arm-in-arm), we made it to the house, where ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche June 5th 2007

url='/Videos/4306.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/4306.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' Sirolourl='/Videos/4307.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/4307.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' The Bells of Loreto So, we went to Le Grotte di Frasassi oggi; it was basically like every other cave I have gone down into, but nonetheless, it was interesting and neat: one thing I never thought I would do while I was in Italy. Afterwards, we went to lunch close to the caves, where I got to spend a lot of time talking to our busdriver, GianCarlo. Absolutely, he was one of my favorite people on this trip. After lunch, we went to the town of Sirolo: my FAVORITE town that we visited on this trip. It was on the coast (that scenery you can see in the background of the pictures of us in the Adriatic -- that is where this town is). Maybe it was just the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche June 4th 2007

We drove down to Macerata, where a pretty awesome university resides. We first toured the University (that is after we found our 6 lost companions -- of course, getting lost on the random elevators that take you higher up in the city). I can't even imagine going to a university such as that. I could be nothing but inspired in these classrooms -- completely surrounded by breath-taking artwork. Reference the pictures -- the tour-guide told me to lock up the Aula Magna -- the picture shows the key to that room. I absolutely loved this University. We then toured Lo Sferisterio, which is now used as a place for opere and music concerts. more info: Sferisterio. I believe it used to be a place where they would play a version of some sort of handball. After ... read more
Aula Magna
Francesca with a Fresco
The Backwall/Cieling

Europe » Italy » Marche June 3rd 2007

So, the trip no one could have prepared us for. Long story short, we drove out to the Sibillini mountains, and took a trek up the mountain, all while stylishly wearing a poncho. However, all we were told is "we're going on a hike." After about a hour (just to get to the beginning of the ascent), there are prepared-mountaineers coming down the trail we are about to climb. They are coming down adorning hiking boots, water-proof clothing, and hiking poles. We are in tennis shoes, jeans and, if we are lucky, a poncho. Once we FINALLY got up the mountain, we reached a chapel, which a used-to-be-hermit monk is, I believe, rebuilding. More info: SanLeonardo. Despite the misty rain (which actually kept the temperature pretty cool), I loved it. It was a different way ... read more
Sibillini, and me
Misty Mountain Hop
Giorgio, our guide

Europe » Italy » Marche June 2nd 2007

We all piled into our infamous bus with our even more infamous driver, GianCarlo, and headed to the town of Urbino. The big deal about Urbino: il Palazzo Ducale (the reason my name ends up all over this place). This town was at the top of the hill, marked by the breathtaking views (reference the photos!) and the steepest hill I've ever climbed. Not even that relatively short, but very steep, hill right outside my dorm in Austin (oh, you know that one) can compete with this. The craziest thing though (of course, by the time this happened it started raining) was, I presume, a local girl: she was wearing a short jean skirt, stiletto heeled boots walking around the slick and steep cobblestone streets of this town, without a problem. I was defintely impressed. ... read more
Lovely Ladies in Urbino
The Beautiful View

Europe » Italy » Marche June 1st 2007

So, initially, we all met up at the airport. Naturally, the first person I met was another TEXAN. Funniest story from meeting up there is when I met Allie from Chicago. Oh Allie, pictured here with me in front of the forum in Rome (much, much later in the trip). When Allie introduced herself to me... my response was "What?" "Allie..." "WHAT??" "ALLIE" "What is your name? how do you spell that? I am going to have a hard time pronouncing that one." To give me credit, she was saying AAAALLLLEEEE --- ie. It was impossible! Well, anyway. The coolest part about the 8 hour trek to Italy (leaving NYC 5pm, arriving Italy 7am) was that we saw a sunset, and a few hours later, a sunrise. Thank God I was exhausted from NYC that I ... read more
Sunset over the Atlantic
Sunrise over the Atlantic
The Adriatic

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