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Europe » Italy » Marche » Urbino April 11th 2011

This week’s adventure was a trip to Urbino with the staff and students of CCI. We left early Friday morning and arrived around noon hour in Urbino, a town noted for its university and the ducal palace built there in the mid 15th century as well as being the home of the painter Raphael (you can see one of his more famous paintings below). It was immediately apparent that Urbino is a university town. Instead of the usual staid Italians I have become accustomed to seeing in the towns we have visited, there were many “student types” walking the streets to and from classes and sipping cappuccinos or expressos at the many cafes. It would have been nice to stroll through the town and visit the shops that cater to this crowd but, alas, time did ... read more
The Duke
Courtyard of the Ducal Palace
Deb, Dianne and I in front of the Palace

Europe » Italy » Marche » Fabriano May 29th 2010

My stay here in Fabriano is coming to a close and in the last 12 days, I have eaten enough olive oil to lube the pistons of my car for 6 months. My skin is glistening like a Victoria's Secret model and I believe I could successfully get to the end of a slip-and-slide without the aid of water. If I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, they might announce another debilitating oil spill and to bring loaves of bread and an appetite to help clean it up. No but seriously, if the secret to French cooking is butter, the Italian secret is loads of delicious olive oil. And they say no one does olive oil like they do. In fact, Italians have a lot of pride for many things and each region has their ... read more
the yard
Tuesday sunset

Europe » Italy » Marche » Fermo March 10th 2010

“Do you understand what just happened?” the greasy con man asked. “You got played” I’d stopped at a fuel station10 km south of Pescara to take some headache medicine, and while I dug through my bag to find it, I saw three men who appeared to be playing a shell game along the side of the building. Having zero interest in gambling, I hardly made a note of it. Then, out of nowhere… “Did you drive that Vespa all the way from London?” I looked up to see a well-dressed Italian man in a fine outer coat speaking to me in English. “Yes actually, I did.” “That’s a really long way,” he said. “Yes, it is.” “Do you see what they’re doing over there?” he asked. I said I did, but wasn’t interested at all. He ... read more
Brennan and his Cousin Remo
Brennan in San Ginesio
Countryside in Winter

Europe » Italy » Marche » Macerata February 24th 2010

Sorry folks - after waiting 10 months for Nemo to write this blog, I concede defeat. Enjoy the pics!... read more
Not Sure What These Are - Some Sort Of Fishing Thingamyjig?
A Gaggle Of Pilgrims
One Of The Church Towers In Assisi

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona June 8th 2009

So far everything has worked to plan which means that Monday evening we are sat on a ferry from Ancona to Greece. Looking back we have been amazingly lucky with the weather, we missed the storms in Northern Italy, saw some in the distance, and caught a torrent of rain when sat in a bar in Pontremoli. So all in all, a few spots of rain and some nasty spray in the UK, and a few spots on the last leg yesterday, south from Bologna to Cattolica. Today the short hop from Cattolica to Ancona was uneventful, beyond anything one might encounter on an Italian highway. I think Italian car drivers think everything on two wheels requires no more space than a Vespa carving through the traffic of Milan. (Hilary says that the Italians do not ... read more
The ferry we are on

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 25th 2009

Ok I finally got my computer hooked up to internet so I can upload some pics of my nice camera. Enjoy!... read more
Host family's house
Italian toaster
toto in Italy?

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 25th 2009

ok so i can only upload 21 pics at a time. so here are some more. ... read more
more coloseum
some cool arch

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 21st 2009

ooooh, the bunks on the boat weren't half bad. johnny says he slept like a rock, i wasn't so fortunate, but not bad. i got up probably about 7:30 and wandered around the ship a bit barefoot, i thought i had left my flip-flops at fotis' house in athens and was not happy about that... i went downstairs to the lounge area and was quiet on account of all the people sleeping in random places. i wasn't prepared for the number of people who were simply foot passengers and were sleeping on benches, chairs, or the floor since they hadn't bought air seats or couchettes (bunks). if i was traveling alone i'd probably do the same, but since we had the eurail pass and the bunks were free (only having to pay 7 euros each for ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 20th 2009

finally some pictures of the baptism feast! I only had time to upload some of them. You can click on a photo and it will open in a new window. Then, you can click through the slideshow on the top of the window. Enjoy!... read more
clams, mussels, etc
Escargot anyone??

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 16th 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates. Our internet is down at the moment, I am at an internet cafe today. Hopefully I will be writing you from Florence very soon...... Michelle... read more

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