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July 14th 2011
Published: July 14th 2011
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I'm a little late on writing this one, but yesterday was just crazy!

Not much happened during the actual day, but right around 8, after a disappointing dinner, a group of us went to play soccer with five Italian guys, 3 of which we had played basketball with. It was so much fun! I of course didn't play, but I was dubbed by Lucas, sorta the leader of them all, the coach/cheerleader of all the players. All I really did was take a lot of pictures and laugh at all the shenanigans that were going on on the field. One of the guys was a professional. He's not at the top level (A), but the one below it (B) (I compared it as not MLB but AAA). It was so cool to see him play, and he was fun to play with, not competitive or a ball hog or anything.

After that they took us out to eat and walk around Urbino. Before parting ways we decided to meet up again tonight to do something (hopefully see Harry Potter 7.2 since it came out yesterday here! Though it's dubbed in Italian).

I got my midterm back today and I got an A!! When Simone handed me back my test she told me it was obvious I had studied. That made me feel good because for once I actually had!

Tomorrow we wake up early to start on our 4/5 hour bus ride to Venice for the weekend! I'm pretty excited to be going to another city, especially one with a/c, though everything in Venice is pretty expensive 😞

Oh, and for those looking for a tasty drink, pear juice is delicious. The Mensa has it for breakfast and I bought some at the supermarket. I'm addicted. It tastes JUST LIKE PEARS! Unlike orange juice which is just nasty.

Hopefully the hotel in Venice will have WiFi, but if it doesn't I'll post on Sunday (again hopefully, nothing's too reliable here at the dorms).



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