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October 14th 2007
Published: October 15th 2007
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Sunday, Sara had to pack coz she will be leaving to Australia when I leave for Albania!
But, I was a little dizzy still and my eyes start swelling for some stupid reason!! argh....
so, slacked the morning, went to her parents' house, she cooked some pasta and just hea till Mirko came.
So, deicded to see Urbino, which accidentally was their University town! So, Mirko drove me there to look around.....
haaa...the town was so dead........SOSOSO dead basically, we finished walking in less than an hour! haaa, It was very medieval ...went to the hill on the other side to haev a nice view of it......=)
Then, headed back to town and went to the shopping street....where there is this cool bookstore that sold many artbooks..
They had CUTIE! SPRING! NON-NO! OMG and it cost 50 Euro Cents in Japan and selling 20Euros !!! OMG....
anyways, nice to catchup with fashion back home..hAAA! They also had this book abotu Hong Kong and art around the city and OMG, there is this installment in Luen Wo Hui, where I go everyday and its so small I cant believe I have never noticed it!!!!! gotta go backto Hong Kong and tour Hong
beautiful view beautiful view beautiful view

from Sara's Apartment!

well, dinnertime...had a calazone...YUm....reminded me of the calazones from Mac....SO GOOOOOD...=P
then headed back to Sara's place and she was saying goodbye with many friends...then I helped her packed her backpack...and done!.....I needed sleep......dun wanna get sick in Albania....

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statue of the artist...who...deisnged sth...?! I forgot! ARGH!
round towers!round towers!
round towers!

the only round towers in the region! others are all Mirko said...
far view!far view!
far view!

the colour is so looks like a model.

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